Thursday, February 11, 2010

Swap with Lissu!

The mail service has been very good to me this week! I had the pleasure of receiving a beautiful shabby chic package from Lissu in Finland today.

Just look at all those pretty packages! It felt like Christmas again!

Too beautiful!! 'Greengate' cushions and a quilt - so wonderful to have these in mini because I could never afford them in 'real' life, lol! And how gorgeous is that floor rug!

Perfectly shabby!

Curtains, a robe and the cutest pink pig!


So sweet!

A gorgeous shabby box full of baubles!
I have admired Lissu's minis for such a long time, it was such a thrill to be able to swap with her.
If you haven't popped by Lissu's blogs before you're in for a real treat...she has many fantastic dollhouses and a blog for each one. If you click on her name it will take you to her main blog and you can visit the others from there.
Thank you Lissu!
I took time out from another project (you know the one Debbie) to have a rather long play in the dollhouse with my new mini's this afternoon. Oh, it was such fun! I'll show you all the results soon...but I really have to get back to the other project now...


  1. My dear, certainly the postie will wonder how on earth you can receive so much mail from all over the world.They are all great goodies, have fun with them. And go on with the other project ! Hugs to you all Rosanna
    PS my cousin is 30 km off Aucklaund on a famous beach, cannot remember the name, and his host family is a Maori one. He is very happy and still uncomfortable wih the uniform ;o)

  2. Wonderful presents in the post Mercedes. Love the little patchwork quilt and the little cup cake sign so cute.
    I'm so longing to see the other project.. A walk on the Dark side LOL xxx

  3. Its like Christmas in February. I LOVE the little carpet, cushions and patchwork quilt. They are all perfect colours for the new bedroom in my dolls house. I wonder where she got that carpet - did she make it? Sweet sweet sweet! Carol x

  4. What a beautiful swap,!! All is so sabby chic... You are a lucky girl, Mercedes :))

  5. Mercedes, you are indeed a very lucky girl!!! Its so lovely!!!

  6. You receive some very gorgeous things Mecedes!
    I think you must be so busy making those cute things for the swaps!!!
    So nice!
    I don't seem to get much time these days for making the tiny minis! not since Hubby has been home full time lol

  7. How fun:) Love the thing you got and the things you made:)

  8. I found it out: Waihi Beach. I goggled and it's wonderful

  9. I love that quilt-- and the cupcake sign is wonderful. I would love a life-size one for my kitchen!

  10. What a wonderful gifts!!
    ;) I love the quilt!!

  11. Wonderfull Mercedes!!

    I'ts a lovely gifts,you are so lucky!!


    I adore your magazine and cushions.

  12. That(that) wonderful gifts
    You have great luck
    The carpet I like much
    And everything else also
    I congratulate her(it)

    Que maravillosos regalos
    tiene usted mucha suerte
    la alfombra me gusta mucho
    y todo lo demas tambien
    la felicito

  13. Que regalos mas bonitos Mercedes!!!
    Ha sido una como una segunda Navidad para ti.
    Un saludo.

  14. Just wonderful, Merce. I still remember us talking about how Lissu is some kind of master at her art :). Time really flies! Have fun with them. I saw what you made for her as well and the mini mail is too cute.

  15. What beautiful gifts! I love the rug in those lovely soft colors!


  16. Lovely gifts Mercedes. Congratulations. Best wishes


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