Monday, February 22, 2010

Mail from The Netherlands and Spain!

These pretty little things are gifts sent to me by Sylvia last week. A gorgeous tiny angel ornament, a beautifully painted candlestick and two tiny Paris postcards.

Sylvia also sent me this fabulous frame.

And especially for Liberty there were stickers and the most fantastic house shaped lollipop. Liberty said it was the BEST lollipop she had ever had!
Click here to pop over to Sylvia's blog where she is having a giveaway - it is in two parts and you could win something made just for you by Sylvia!

I was very lucky with the mail once again last week! This beautifully knitted little dress came from Meli who lives in Spain.

Meli also sent this fantastic pair of little tiny slippers, they are so beautifully made and look so real!! The slippers match the dress perfectly. Meli is such a lovely person, I told her once in an email that I would love to hear someone Spanish say my name and she rang me!!

Thank you Meli!



  1. I love Meli's work but I never had the courage to write to her. funny if you you think about it. The slippers are to die for Hugs Rosanna

  2. Love the tiny candle and the slippers.
    Sylvia and Meli are songenerous and very talented.
    Mercedes is a really pretty and common name in Spanish. It is a great detail from Meli to ring you. Blogland is amazing, isn't it?

  3. Lucky you, and lucky Liberty! Friends in blogland are nice and a fantastic amazing thing that you can share your hobby with likeminded people all over the world..

  4. I was able to write both Meli that Sylvia, and I think they are two of the few people funny and kind in the blogosphere, as well as being truly exceptional talent!
    a kiss to Liberty

  5. Such lovely gifts, what clever friends you have Mercedes, and I know that we'll eventually see them in a fabulous setting.

    A house lollipop - who ever would have thought!!

  6. Christmas is never ending on Blogland ,isn't it?

  7. How beautiful gifts...I think that could be very funny to recive minis from all over the word...
    a big hug

  8. What great gifts ! I like the candlestick and the lollipop is just amazing, I had never seen one like this before.
    The slippers and the dress are gorgeous.

  9. Very lovely gifts,can't say which I prefer,everything is something special.But the lollipop of Liberty is WOW,I need three of them too for my little girls ;-)!Jeannette

  10. You are lucky to have so many taleted blogfriends!

  11. Wonderful gifts from very talented girls :)

  12. Wonderful presents Mercedes and spectacular lollipop, congratulations for Liberty, byt mi favorite is a pair of little slippers and the candlestick. Best wishes for all

  13. What lovely gifts to receive. So nice. That lollipop is truly something else!

  14. They are a few very nice details, the frame is fabulous, I am glad for you
    An embrace and kisses to liberty

    son unos detalles muy bonitos, el marco es fabuloso, me alegro por usted
    un abrazo y besos a liberty

  15. Enjoy all your beautiful gifts!!!!

    Sylvia and Meli sent you fantastic gifts! So nice off them,but you are such a sweet hart yourself!


  16. What a beautiful gifts!!
    Meli's work is very cute and so well done... I love it!! She is a lovely lady :))

    Hugs from Spain,

  17. Hello Mercedes:
    There's an award for you on my blog. :)

  18. Restyled Home just pointed me in your direction! I simply love the teesy-tinsy-- I couldn't click on your "Follow" fast enough!

  19. My goodness! You have some wonderful gifts . I can never get sick of seeing Meli's baby clothes and yes, Rosanna, those shoes are to die for. By the way, I am positive that Meli will love your pillows too. I have always thought she is a sweetie but that phone call to you makes her a true angel! lol


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