Sunday, February 14, 2010

Made with love...

I was looking through Liberty's old baby clothes the other day when I found this little cardigan that I had embroidered rosebuds on when she was just a few days old.

Yes, that's a very dark haired new born Liberty! The cardigan was in no state to be worn by any other babies so I cut it up and made miniature cushions.

I smile every time I look at them and remember that tiny little baby of mine.

The sweet heart wreath on the Love Shack door arrived in the mail from the very clever Jo at Salt and Pepper. (Jo sent some other goodies but you'll have to wait to see them!)

Jo also sent a couple of rusty tin hearts - I love rusty tin things!!

My lovely sister-in-law bought me this 'stone' heart magnet when we were shopping at Christmas time. I've glued it onto a piece of scrapbooking paper and framed it and now it sits on my mantelpiece.

I used the photograph of the stone heart to make the picture in mini! It's just the photo printed on paper and wrapped around a block of wood, 'easy peasy lemon squeezy! -no frame-making needed!
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. How sweet! Your little pillows are just darling! What a lovely memory too!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  2. Me encanta todo lo que has puesto nuevo en tu blog!! La idea de reciclar una chaqueta de Liberty es genial, es una bonita manera de conservarla y saber que tu hija la llevo puesta.
    Feliz San Valentin para ti tambien y muchas felicidades por tus trabajos.
    Un saludo.

  3. Olá!

    Belo trabalho!!!
    Estou sempre acompanhando seu Blog e aprendo bastante com seu talento!

  4. great idea to photograph the heart and put the picture in a frame, you're smart! ah ah!!
    happy Valentine's Day to you too!

    PS Liberty has seen my Harlequin? Come see it in my blog ... Good Sunday!

  5. OPS forgot, Liberty was beautiful baby, and her cardigan is a love, like the pillows ... You did well to cut, now keep them for ever!
    bye!! Caterina

  6. What a great way to save something special. (Oh I'd love to see the inside of the shack. Are there photos?)

    Baby Liberty is so cute I thought she was a doll and not real! :>)

  7. Those little pillows are absolutely darling! I love both versions of hte stone heart display.

  8. Oh Bless I can't get over Liberty with all that dark hair. Both my boys were born with blond hair, but its got darker as they've got older. I Love what you've done with the cardigan, what a lovely memento. xx

  9. What a sweet idea to make Liberty's baby sweater into pillows for your mini scene. Love the framed hearts.

  10. Happy Valentines day Mercedes!
    Your post today was so beautiful! Baby Liberty was just the cutest..and the little pillows..ohhh

  11. Such a sweet way to repurpose your little sweater... and that Liberty--- so cute! Love all that dark hair! Love the framed heart-- I just love your mini world. You always inspire me!

  12. Everything charming with that special Mercedes touch (including that lovely little dark haired baby Liberty!!), the little cushions a great idea. They are pretty anyway but their history makes them extra special :)

  13. Mercedes, how lovely to make pillows from the baby clothes you embroidered! What sweet memories. :)

    I can't believe she was so dark haired as a baby!

    I think that Liberty would like some books by Rumor Godden, where the dolls are real. :)

    These books had a great impact on my life, I give you the link to her, scroll down for the children's books, I think she would be delighted to read or have them read to her. :)

    I believe this is who Demi Moore named her one child for. :)

    If you want the specific titles to the dollhouse books, email me and I'll go through the list for you. :)

    sorry so long winded!

  14. That is so very sweet, Mercedes! Lovely 'recycling'.

  15. What a lovely idea of turning the lovely sweater into pillows, so wonderful to have memories in your mini house. Happy Valentines, Mini Hugs, Jean

  16. How cute is that!!I love the idea:))
    Happy Valentine's Day to you,too !!

  17. The pillows are wonderful, specially because every time I look at them, I see a beautiful baby, thank you!
    The stone hart picture is also wonderful, great job!!
    Love Sylvia

  18. Very sweet cushions! It is a good way to use something that you love. I love the composition that you has create with alls those hearts!

  19. Lovely cussions and a sweet idea.Can't believe that this is Liberty with the black her,she is looking very sweet!Jeannette

  20. What a lovely idea. A memory every time you look at them. I also agree that Liberty would enjoy the Rummer Goden books - they're lovely stories.

  21. Now I know why those hearts made me think of you Mercedes! They look so happy in place in your little garden ;-)
    I adore your cushions, what a sweet idea and a wonderful way to remember that cardigan!
    Happy Valentine's Day! We've just got up to start our day, you're probably ending yours now! LOL!

  22. Lovely scenes. When we know the story about the cushions we realize what treasures they are. By the way it was a very good idea and the result is perfect.
    Your work is always so beautiful.
    Happy Valentine's Day !

  23. Beutiful pillows and lovely scene! Everything you made is so nice...
    I also think the "salt & pepper" blog is fantastic, I cant wait to see what you are going to show us.

    Liberty was so cute then (and now), I guess she get darker again when she groes up...

    Happy Valentines Day!

  24. Happy Valentine's day!

    i like so much your cushions and the scene. It's a great idea recycle the Liberty's sweater.


  25. A lovely Valentines day post Mercedes. What a clever idea with Libertys baby cardigan, a beautiful keepsake. Jainxx

  26. Where to start Mercedes! Those little cushions are so sweet and what a lovely way to use the baby cardie. And all those other little hearts from Jo and your sister are gorgeous. And then your very clever and very effective use of the photo on block of wood is a terrific idea I must try sometime.
    Happy Valentine's Day. Carol x

  27. Lovely idea.
    Happy Valentines day.

  28. So sweet and Ilayda loved the baby foto,she said Liberty looks just like me when I was a baby! And realy,they could have been a twin!

    She also loved the foto's from Liberty on the beach,and finds it so strange to beleive that it is summer at the other side of the world! Here it is snowing again!

    I also loved the wonderful swap goodies from Lissu,she is very talented! I poped over to her blog and The items you made for her are fantastic as well! But that was no big surprise to me at all,haha!


  29. Oh, Liberty was such a sweet baby. My Ben, now 17, who was almost white haired as a toddler was also born a brunette! I love your sweet little hearts and the heart vine on the entrance! I do hope we can swap someday!


  30. Mercedes have a beautiful way to remember your child is always present in your scene, it's a beautiful idea. A warm greeting, Sonia.

  31. So different Liberty looked as a baby but both versions are cute as buttons :). Those little hearts stuff you made or got are all great!

  32. Mercedes very beautiful cushions with a Liberty baby jacquet, and the rest. Congratulations and happy Valentine day. Best wishes

  33. I was moved reading about the wee cardigan. It's such a lovely way to keep always in mind how little she was. I love the pic idea: you are a genius ! Rosanna

  34. It(he,she) is incredible the hair so black(as black) that tape-worm baby's Liberty, my daughter tape-worm it this peel more or less but it(he,she) continues with his(its) black hair now.
    I am charmed with the recycling of the cardigan.
    An embrace

    Es increible el pelo tan negro que tenia Liberty de bebe, mi hija tenia ese pelo mas o menos pero sigue con su pelo negro ahora.
    el reciclaje de el cardigan me encanta.
    un abrazo

  35. I love the story behind your sweet little pillows, it must be so nice to have a memory like that in your doll's house! And I agree with Sans, Libert is so cute in her cardigan and black hair, and no less cute now!

  36. This is just lovely. What a great idea with the pillows.
    Carey from Chicory Nits

  37. Hi, I´ve been reading your blog several days now and every time it seems to be inspiring me as much. I love your style, not too fancy, casual enough <3 And all those tiny little details everywhere. Adorable!

  38. Mercedes, I love the cardigan and the cushions!!! It's a great idea making knitting some to change the look.
    Liberty was so lovely with her dark hair!!!

    Although a bit late, Happy Valentine's Day to you!!!


  39. Using the cardigan of Liberty is like have a piece of her close to your heart...very sweet!
    Looking your picture on the beach I would like to be with you, on the sun and with a warm wind...summer is so far away here.
    A big hug and congratulation again for your minis.

  40. The pillows are so sweet and specially because of their story. :) You always have such original and nice ideas!

  41. Tku for changing your heading - for some reason it took longer to download your site with the dolls theater heading. The little room looks very cozy and a very nice idea to include the knitted cushions made of something that brings such fond memories.
    Regards Janine

  42. what a great idea!!!!!!!!, that looks lovely!!!!!!!!



  43. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the top image. it is one of the most precious things ever. the banner is so sweet but i want to put those little rosebud pillows in an enlarger and make them lifesize for my home! or perhaps i could shrink for a day and live in this little shabby shed. it's lovely.

    i love your profile about rushing to make it look like you haven't been playing with paper and glue all day -- so ME!



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