Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Parcel for Liberty!

For some reason the mail didn't arrive until very late in the afternoon yesterday (it's usually here in the morning). But when it finally did arrive there was one VERY happy little girl! There was a parcel all the way from England with her name on it.

The parcel was full of goodies from Patricia at Papillon Bleu. Patricia had told us she was going to make a doll for Liberty but she sent some other goodies too! A sweet little French Strawberry Shortcake notepad and some of the most gorgeous stickers!
The fabulous Laduree bag was for me! Liberty thought it was very funny that I was just getting a bag! But oh, what a bag!


Let me introduce you to Ruby. If only you could see her in person. She's simply beautiful, an absolute work of art, all handmade and painted by Patricia. And she's tiny, just 10cm (5 inches) tall! With a 'real' nose and the softest hair.

Liberty was also lucky enough to receive one of Patricia's Petit Theatres. The curtains even open and close!

Liberty asked if she could have some of the little dolls I made so they could perform in the theatre.

Merci Patricia! Liberty feels very special to be part of your wonderful whimsical world!
Make sure you pop over and visit Patricia and tell her how clever she is!


  1. I am lucky enough to have one of Patricia's dolls too- they are full of magic! Your tiny dolls look so perfect in the theatre! Like they were meant to be together! Liberty has the sweetest smile in the entire world :) have fun with Ruby Liberty!!!

  2. What a lovely gift, for both of you!!!

  3. Patricia certainly is very clever, and very thoughtful too, what beautiful gifts. Ruby has found a wonderful home with Liberty and I adore the little theatre too, your dolls look very at home in there! Kate xx

  4. What fabulous mail to recieve Mercedes, Liberty certainly looks happy with her wonderful must be sooooo exciting in your house when the postman arrives...(even when he's late!)

    Linda x

  5. realmente es una delicia...felicidades ¡¡¡

  6. what an adorable doll - as soon as I saw it and before I read that part of your blog I knew it had to be one of Patricia's dolls. What lovely gifts.

  7. Liberty has to be the cutest kid on the planet! Love her smile. Your little dolls look perfect in the theater. Patricia's doll is just darling! I know you were very happy to see the postman today!

  8. Liberty's smile is just priceless!
    I cannot discribe what I feel this very moment. I am so happy!
    Your dolls look perfect in the little theatre and your photos are beautiful as usual!
    I love the "once upon a time" with the map of Paris.
    He!he!it is also very strange ( but flattering ) to read some comments about my dolls here...he!he!
    Thank you for this lovely post Mercedes.

  9. How wonderful! Liberty looks very pleased, indeed. :)

  10. ooooooooh, I am echoing Liberty's delight :).

  11. What a lucky girl ! It's so nice to see Liberty so happy with her beautiful gifts. The doll is just perfect as the theatre is too.

  12. What a beautiful gifts, I understand why she is a very happy little girl!!!
    Love Sylvia

  13. That is very nice of Patricia.
    I have got an award for you!
    You can pic it up at my blog.

  14. Oh how wonderful! Ruby looks ever so sweet, and I agree with Patricia, your photos are lovely too!

  15. los regalos son muy hermosos, pero la cara de felicidad, de su hija estodo un regalo para los demas nosotros.
    las felicito.

    The gifts are very beautiful, but the face of happiness, of his(its) daughter estodo a gift for the demas, we.
    I congratulate them.

  16. Isn't Liberty just such a pretty girl. All the goodies she got are gorgeous - but none as cute as she is. Your little dolls are so sweet too - and of course Audrey!

    Carol xox

  17. Hi Mercedes.
    It has taken me months to finally get here and leave a comment... my blog list has grown too long.
    Beautiful gifts for Liberty and she looks very happy with them. I love her doll and the theatre is amazing. I will pop over to the ladies blog because i really like everything she makes.
    Nikki xxx

  18. They are lovely!
    The little doll is gorgeous!

  19. What a lovely doll for Liberty!!!
    She looks so happy with her.
    Warm regards,

  20. What a very lucky girl to receive such a beautiful handmade gift!

  21. I too have living with me one of patricia's charming dolls. Liberty's doll is very like mine :-D. There is a story of how she came to my Dolls Tree House on my blog,if Liberty would like to see it.
    I must go and see some more of your blog now.


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