Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gifts from our Fairy Godmother!

I am officially naming dear Sylvia my 'Fairy Godmother'.

A couple of days ago I was feeling sorry for myself because it was the school holidays, it was freezing cold and raining and hubby was going away for the imagine my delight at getting goodies in the mail from Sylvia twice this week!!

Just after Easter Sylvia told me she was going to make something special for me, she sent me a photo last week of what she had made and had a good laugh to herself because there was no way I could tell what it was from the photo. Well, today it arrived and look at this!!!!!
This is absolutely the most beautiful piece of dollhouse furniture I have. And it is even more beautiful because it was hand-made for me by a dear friend. I am just speechless with gratitude. look it even has cherubs on it!! I have a lot of cherubs in my 1:1 house.Sylvia also made little cushions, a sweet little carry-box (Liberty calls it 'a girls toolbox'), some wonderful rustic shutters and a gorgeous little Bessie Pease Gutmann picture - I love her artwork.

There was also something special in the box for Liberty but we'll have to show you that tomorrow. It was something to make but it didn't get made today because, although she was desperate to make it, she hastily put it away when her cousins arrived!
And here are the goodies from the other package. I've had to take this pic at night time with the flash which is not ideal. Look at the delicate candle sconce and mirror - my first ever 'Reutter Porcelain'.

The sweet little open book with the rose in it - might just have to try and make one of those! And the sweetest little 'tin' sign that Sylvia made which came last week - Sylvia is the absolute master of 'vintage tin'.
Oh, and that gorgeous card there has the most unbelieveable message in it from Sylvia, I won't tell you what it says yet, but although Sylvia is around the same age as me I am sure you will agree she IS my Fairy Godmother!



  1. Wow....what beautiful and perfect dollhouse items !!
    I'm so jealous....I need a fairy godmother.

  2. It is a very special gift to receive, Sylvia is a kind and thoughtful lady!

  3. There was a lot of lovely things that you´ve received!
    Sylvia seemes so sweet! I just love that carry-box ant the shutters! I´m going to try to do some of my own....


  4. All your mini gifts are absolutely gorgeous! I think we all wish Sylvia was our Fairy godmother too!

  5. You are right, their are wonderful gifts. The bench is amazing, I love it with all my heart. Sylvia is really kind and generous.

  6. Miniaturists make some of the best friends in the universe. Love the bench. Sylvia worked wonders with it. :-)

  7. Mercedes I'm sure I've already left a comment this morning, but its not here?
    Love the presents you received especially the chair and those shutters..Simply Beautiful.

  8. So many beautiful things, and
    the bench is too good to be true!

  9. Oh I nearly missed this post. Sorry for coming in so late, it is a crazy time for me at work and will get worse BUT what a sight for sore eyes these gifts. I came here for a breather and got my breath caught instead. Stunning beauties all of them and that chair, it is now my ambition to copy that :D! You musty try and find space for it in your garden

  10. Thank you Mercedes, I am glad you like it.

    Love Sylvia

  11. All of it is beautiful...and it is very special to have a fairy godmother,and this one makes the most wonderful mini's!

  12. Congratulations to Mercedes and Liberty for such a wonderful and full of great gifts to you!!!!
    It makes me feel a little be jealous!!!
    Warm regards,

  13. A great Godmother with verry beautiful gifts!
    * marlies


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