Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mail from the US of A!

On Monday morning I had some more wonderful mail this time from the lovely Katie of Katies Clay Corner.
I thought she was sending me a little shadow box for the dollhouse, but this whole box of goodies arrived. Liberty couldn't get into that box fast enough!

As she unwrapped all the little packages (with me saying "be careful" every two seconds. LOL!) she said very seriously, "This is really good stuff, eh mum"?
I am so happy to have that little Hepplewhite table, I have always wanted to own one of those kits, mostly because I love the boxes they come in!

There were some little polymer bowls that had Noah fascinated, hmmm, he's showing an interest in my hobby, may have to go looking for some polymer clay, LOL!

The sweetest little rosebud vases and two little baskets (I love baskets!) the tiny one is miniscule, amazing! And of course the shadow boxes. I have many ideas of what to fill these with but I have had Liberty home sick today and she's just wanted to be cuddled so I've only been able to sit here looking at everything, hopefully I can start playing with them tomorrow.
Thank you Katie!

Although I won't be able to put anything in the dollhouse yet, it's at someone elses house. I took it to a lady from our club and she is helping me with the wiring, she's an absolute genius and has solved all my problems with the house, let's just say it's going to look soooooooo much better when I get it back. She's given me heaps of bits'n'pieces to make lights with, her imagination is incredible. I'm going back to spend another day with her next Tuesday, it's just such a relief to have things sorted out finally!


  1. Wow...all such beautiful little items..very nice.
    :o) Sue

  2. I hope Liberty gets to feeling better soon! I'm so glad your box got there in one piece......

    And Noah would love clay...I have some kids clay books, I could copy some pages and send them to him? Oh, and I'd start him of with's easier to handle when your first learning.

  3. Love these gifts, great!
    * marlies

  4. Mercedes and Katie, these are gorgeous! You are right about your house, Merce, its gonna be great with all these beautiful decor pieces from all over the world :)!

  5. Mercedes what lovely gifts from Katie. Hope Liberty is feeling much better now. And I'd say give Noah some clay and see what he comes up with..Children have great imaginations.

  6. How nice Mercedes, I'm happy to know that Lberty felt good enoygh to help you open your mail!! Noah is getting an interest? grab it, do not let it go and let him play with you, It's so nice till it lasts. Katie, your gifts were lovely. May be I'll became envious... (not true ;-))

  7. Beautiful gifts, have fun with it!!!

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