Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My little kitchen and a request!

I took this pic of the dollhouse kitchen a few weeks ago. It will look a bit different next time you see it. There is going to be a chimney breast on the left hand wall between the two doors (where the table is now). It's going to look as though there was once an old coal range in there but now it will have a more modern oven.
It's supposed to look like a modern day house that's a bit run down, country looking with lots of vintage touches. The table was a kit from a magazine series but I made my own top for it.

I built all the kitchen units, the house came with a sink unit I didn't like, but I managed to prise the white sink off the top of it and use on the bench I made. I found a pattern in a book for the units and made them almost like the instructions said. It was the first time I had cut anything out and made it all by myself. Then I built the wall shelf all by myself!! No pattern, no instructions - sometimes I surprise myself with what I can do! I cut out the bits at our monthly club meeting, that's one of the good things about belonging to a club - they have all the power tools.
I haven't made drawers because I thought I would make baskets to go in there, just have to figure out how to make them.

The dresser was an old one I painted and papered to match everything else, not sure I like it, it looks a bit too chunky.
I don't have the house here at the moment, it's still at a friends house as she is helping me the wiring (and the chimney). And now I've looked at these pictures I'm really missing it.
Now I need your help!
Can anyone out there tell me where I can find a website to buy a nice fridge and stove, or tell me a brand name to look for. I want them to look as real as possible without being too expensive. Or find a pattern to make a fridge or stove.
Our club is having it's next show at the end of May and I really want the house to be ready to exhibit by then.
And thank you for all the get well wishes for Liberty. She seems quite a bit better today. She asked for ham and cheese sandwiches at 6am this morning and she ate them!


  1. You might try eBay for a fridge and stove. I love your kitchen, especially the table and chairs, so nice you have been able make so many things yourself.

  2. I sent you an email with some appliance ideas. Glad to hear Liberty is doing better!

  3. Hi Mercedes, if you go in my blog list there is one in Finnish, Nukkekoyi valoja. Go inside, they have a eshop and they sell moderrn equipment by Miele. You have to write Miele on the search tag. To buy it email the blogger and they will contact you. They cost from E8 up to E10 and they have lights! you only have to guess a bit because of the language but I managed to do it.
    Your kitchen is very good and you have been very clever at doing it.

  4. Hi Mercedes,
    Your kitchen look wonderful, I told you before.
    In the book of Lea is a description of making a stove, I can make some copie of those pages and send it to you if you want.
    I am glad that Liberty is feeling better!
    Love Sylvia

  5. Hi Mercedes. Try Delph Miniatures for fridges and stoves. Or Phoenix Model Developments for older 1930's 1940's stoves and fridge. They are both available at Maple Street Miniatures or their own websites (just google them). There are also unfinished stoves and fridges available from Maple st minis (check page 81 of their online catalog). Good luck with it!

  6. Hi Mercedes, I was going to say try Delph Miniatures but Shannon's already beat me to it. Here's the link to their website:-
    Glad to hear that Liberty is on the mend.

  7. Sorry, Mercedes, I couldn;t find the tutorial for the fridge, there are way too many how to pages I bookmarked but i remember she used a wooden box with sliding cover you normally used for storing tea-bags. Anyway, all these sites recomeneded should help!

  8. OMG! I love your little kitchen! I don't know how you make everything look so real!

    As far as a fridege goes, I order everything I get from Hobby Builders Supply.....You can order a catalog from them for free....But then again...if you made those shelfs...you can make a pretty amazing fridge!

    **LOVE the new pic of you and Liberty!! You did just put that there...didn't you??

  9. Beautiful kitchen. I love it. Good luck with you search for the perfect stove and fridge. I'm sure thay will be great. Mini hugs!

  10. Your kitchen is so wonderful, It looks so real! I would love to have a kitchen like that :)

  11. I love these kitchen, I am curious how the changes wil be.
    * marlies

  12. me encanta la cocina, es superdetallista y muy acojedora, acabo de encontrarte buscando cocinas en el google y me has salido tu, te seguire de cerca.



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