Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well, Easter is in full swing around here! Today Liberty begged and begged to make cupcakes. Baking with her can be a bit of a trial I have to say. When she says she wants to bake what she really means is "I want to eat cake mixture".
We'll take these cupcakes to the cousins when we go there for Easter lunch on Sunday. I made a little buttercream frosting 'nest' on top of each one and it was Liberty's job to place the candied chocolate eggs on top. Of course it was a silly job to entrust her with, I caught her licking an egg and then putting it on a cake! LOL! That one was specially set aside for her, with extra icing on top so we knew exactly which one it was.
After we had finished icing the cakes I put the icing bag on the bench, only to turn around two seconds later to see Liberty squeezing the last of the icing straight into her mouth! And to think she was so sick she couldn't eat anything just a few days ago!
While the cakes were baking Liberty had a little bunny party. She made that little bunny basket at kindy, and she ate all the goodies they put in it on the way home in the car on Thursday.
We hope you are all having a happy Easter!


  1. The cupcakes look verry yummie! Like the pictures off Liberty- bunny and I'm happy to see that she is feeling better again!
    Happy easter!
    * marlies

  2. Mercedes your cup cakes look Yummy..
    Liberty looks so cute in her bunny ears, glad to hear that she's fully recovered.
    Have a wonderful Easter..
    Mini Hugs

  3. Happy easter Mercedes to you and your family. The cupcakes look delicious and Liberty seems to be very happy. I'm glad.

  4. What a fun party you've got. How quickly kids get better! best wishes to you all

  5. I see the bunny ears are out again. Glad to see Liberty is feeling better just in time for Easter goodies.

  6. Good to see Liberty is feeling much better! Have a wonderful Easter!

  7. The cupcakes look so good!
    She is so cute, little Liberty!

    Happy Easter to you bouth!



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