Sunday, April 26, 2009

The happy little crafter

And here is Liberty's gift from Sylvia, a 'Make your own Bracelet' kit. And some beautiful wooden beads...which I might just have to use a couple of myself...

She was one happy kid! Especially when she saw there were paints in the box!
As usual she concentrated very hard on her craft, then...I turned my back for two seconds and she was painting her hands! For some reason she always has to do this when she has paint.

There were stickers in the box too, this bracelet is made from the stickers Thank you Sylvia! Liberty is still having fun making jewelery!


  1. My daughter likes to paint her hands too... and sometimes cheeks if I don't get there fast enough. Lovely, lovely pictures!

  2. It fun watching children create things. She's so adorable. :-)

  3. Your bracelet is become beautiful, Liberty! Great job!
    like your pictures,
    Hugs for you, marlies

  4. You did a great job, Liberty!!!
    It looks wonderful.

    Big hug,


  5. Tell Liberty that I paint my hands, too.....LOL. She's concentating so hard in that one picture! Love that bracelet she made! SO pretty!!!


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