Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Prettiest Easter Ever!

A couple of weeks ago Sylvia sent me a pic of some beautiful eggs she was decorating to hang in her house for Easter. I told her that here in New Zealand people don't decorate their houses for Easter. And being the lovely person that she is Sylvia said she would make some eggs for Liberty. Well, I think it was about two days later that she said she'd sent them. Talk about a fast worker! The eggs finally arrived yesterday. Sylvia was beginning to think we would have to use them as Christmas decorations because they were taking so long to get here. I'm finding the mail service is very erratic, I guess they play by their own rules.
So here are Liberty's eggs. We went to the park next to our house yesterday and found a suitable dead branch to hang them on - not easy as it's just the end of summer here and the trees still have their leaves.
No two of those eggs are the same, unbelievable, absolutely beautiful. I just can't stop looking at them. The colours are perfect. Every time Liberty took one out of the box she said, "This is my favourite".
Knowing my love for tin signs (a love we both share) Sylvia sent me this little pretty!

And as always she included the cutest mini, this time one of her hand made little buckets.

It was so wonderful to get such lovely mail yesterday when Liberty was sick, it lifted both our spirits. Liberty was all better today although she woke up way to early, 5am! Thankyou to everyone who asked after her. I have managed to get a 'little' something done today. You miniaturists may have noticed the mini Easter tree picture I put up there to tantalise you, well... (too cute bunny candle from Sylvia too!)

They had these Easter earrings at my local craft store, as soon as I saw Sylvia's eggs I wanted to make her some mini ones. So I dismantled the earrings and painted and embellished all the little eggs (the earrings were on sale so I was able to buy lots! - actually all they had!!) to make a mini Easter tree...and Sylvia, your mini eggs will be on their way in the start looking for a little tiny 'branch'.
And how cute is the card Sylvia sent Liberty.
Ah, yes, Easter has never been prettier around here!



  1. It's really pretty and I love the colors, they are so tender!!! I believe that Liberty is going to enjoy this Easter.
    Warm regards,

  2. Lovely Easter eggs, enjoy Easter !
    Would you be making Easter eggs for your dollhouse?

  3. How lovely. The Eggs you received are beautiful. I'm sure Sylvia will love her Mini Eggs, just as much..

  4. How lovely!! Sylvia has done a great job, they are so pretty. They make me wish to decorate my house.And your tiny tree is adorable.

  5. I noticed the header photo yesterday and wondered if you had found the pic or taken it.

    They are simply lovely, I adore the tiny version! Much nicer than any easter decoration I've seen (in mini or real size).

    I can ses why Liberty said everyone was her favorite. I wouldnt be able to pick just one either.

  6. The bucket is exquisite! And how perfect your mini eggs fit in them :D.

  7. What a great friend! Your tree is lovely and it is so cute that Liberty had so many "favourites"!

    Love the miniature tree, too!

  8. Such beautiful eggs! What a lovely bright spot for Liberty's sick day. You have such amazing friends. :-)

  9. OOOOHHHHHHH, I can't wait, they are so beautiful!!!!!
    I will lie behind the door, until the mail comes.
    Thank you fot al those nice words, it was a pleasure to make them.

    Love Sylvia

  10. Love the eggs, the big and the mini ones!
    Yes, we do decorate with easter, we selebrate first and second easterday's
    * marlies

  11. What a nice idea. I really like the rose patterned pail with the Easter coloured eggs.

  12. Thank you all for your lovely comments. You are right I do have the best and kindest friends!


  13. ......oh....I liked the header yesterday...But I really like the header today!! Liberty's so darn cute!!

    And I forgot to tell you yesterday, Love the eggs...especially the mini ones...never thought of disassembling earring!!

  14. Just drop by to say this Merce: you have the best and kindest friends because you are the best and kindest friend :)! We are all very lucky to have received your parcels, Loads of Love, Sue


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