Sunday, April 26, 2009

A little spring garden

Finally! Here is my little garden! I would like to say it is finished but I still have more ideas for things that could go in if I add anything more I'll have to show it to you again later. Several members of our club have made these gardens from the same basic design, with the brick wall at the back and the 'shed' with the door at one end. However, every garden is completely different.This little corner is, I think, my most favourite part, maybe because I LOVE that little bucket Sylvia sent me so much!
My nephew and neices had a look at the garden and their favourite thing was the gate!

Little turtle. That hyacinth cost me a small fortune, I bought it before Sylvia had shown me how to make them.

See the little nest in the blossom tree, there's another one on top of the wall between some bricks on the other side of the gate.

Someone's been skipping here and left her shoes.

When Liberty heard me say I was going to make a kite to go in the tree, she jumped up and said, "I'll make you a kite mum"! And so she did, all I helped her with was the tail. She has now relocated it to her own dollhouse because she didn't think I needed two kites!

A birds eye view.
Well, I hope you enjoyed your little tour. I'll do another post later in the week and tell you how I made some of the things in the garden, so if you want to know where anything came from just ask!


  1. Lovely garden! Have a sunny weekend!

  2. It's wonderful, so much to look at, so much detail, right down (or up) to the bird's nest in the tree with eggs.....GREAT!!!


  3. Oh wow, your garden is just gorgeous. So much to see. I love the details and how there are worn things and the nests and the gate and the pillows and the signs and the brick-wall and everything! Just lovely.

    I make the hydrangeas by twisting an end of a wire into a couple of messy loops and putting glue all over this mess. Then I glue crumbled paper flower-forms (made with a punch) into this and a leaf or two at the stem. If you want to have some of mine, let me know. I'd love to make a trade with you.

  4. Your garden is lovely. It has so much in it and yet is not cluttered. Great job. I love the little shoes with the skippping rope.

  5. Mercedes you've made a wonderful job of your Garden. So many beautiful details.

  6. Breath-taking! Absolutely lovely! You did a fantastic job on this one, Mercedes. :-)

    I love the little bell and the kites the best.

  7. Hi Mercedes, your garden is gorgeous, love all those lovely things in it! You did much work and it shows it, verry beautiful!
    * marlies

  8. Fantastic. What more can I say?

  9. I love it all! ..... I love every last little detail.

  10. Love it Mercedes! Just so goregeous! I MUST know how you made the gate! I love it too.

  11. Looks like a little slice of heaven :)

  12. Hi Mercedes,
    So much to see, all those details, I am still not ready with looking at it!
    Love Sylvia

  13. What a lovely garden You´ve made!
    There´s so many details everywere!
    I just love the Bed & Breakfast "house", everything is so nice!The birdhouses are so adorable!
    Where do You find all the nice printables to Your potts?


  14. I like it so much!!! I want one garden like this!!1 My favourite part is the bench with the coloured cushions (I need to learn how to make them, I am not so good sewing...) and the little house on the many wonderful details. It is a great job.

  15. Hi Mercedes, you already know what I love more but I have to repeat: I adore your iron gate! and the pot on the shed and the newly born flowers on the trees and the nest with the egg and the little shoes and many many other things. You have been heavenly good. I love it.

  16. Oh Mercedes, I am glad you put up the post! Cheers me up to see your hard work all completed (almost!). All these new pictures are just stupendously glorious!

  17. I just love your garden! Makes me want to build one for myself! I agree with your neice and nephew...That garden gate is awesome! Love the little bird nest in the things like that, that make miniature scenes come alive! NEAT! Is that one of the shadow boxes I sent you?? I like how you painted it! Whatcha got in there? It's too small for me to see. Oh, and Cora's loves your bricks!

  18. I'm so in LOVE with your little garden...the little sitting house(don't know how you call it)is so beautiful,I like to make something like that for my garden.I am still looking at the foto's and every time I see new things! And your gate is also so beautiful,can I ask you how you made it?

    I LOVE IT!

  19. Such a beautiful garden! And love the couch in it (I'd like to be that small to fit in your garden!). Oh, and your birdhouses, sooo cute :-)
    Have a nice day!

  20. I did enjoy,a lot! Really great job You have done! I love all the details, it´s so beautiful!

  21. An amazing garden with so much lovely details! You're decorating is fantastic!


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