Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The 1:1 Lounge

I promised to show you the result of the renovations in the 1:1 house some time ago.
Those roses are from my garden but I can't really take credit for 'growing' them, they just grow themselves.

Here's how the newly painted lounge looks now. That big chair will one day be re-upholstered. The picture above the fireplace I bought (at great expense!!) many years ago, it is an Amish print called 'Sarah' by American artist N A Noel. Wherever we live it always hangs above the fireplace, I never get tired of looking at it. The walls are a very pale grey.

This is the fireplace 'before'. Would you believe when we finally ripped it out we discovered those weren't even real bricks around it. It was just fake bricks stuck onto wood! The walls were a sage green colour before. It's amazing how much lighter the new colour makes the room look.
Our house was built around 1927. I had always wanted an old house. This house has unfortunately had most of the 'character' stripped from it over the years. We are trying put some of the original charm back.

The new fireplace. Very expensive but well worth it! And yes, it does work, if I'd been on to it I would have taken some pics in winter when the fire was actually burning. I've just thrown a few pine cones in there for decorative purposes.
That hideous light shade was just one of a matching set of seven throughout the house.

Here's the new light.
I can't show you the other side of the lounge because we have the world's most falling apart couch, I hate it! I just wish it was as easy to build a new 1:1 couch as it is to make a mini one!


  1. It looks wonderful Mercedes, one could be forgiven to think that it was a pretty new room box....are you sure it isn't???

    Linda x

  2. The fireplace is so lovely and the new shade as well. At first I, too, thought it was a mini...Are we all going to be paranoid? hugs Rosanna

  3. This side of the lounge looks wonderful (LOL)
    Just like a dollshouse.

    Love Sylvia

  4. I loooove what you've done with the fireplace-- it's beautiful! Your great style definitely carries through into your 1:1 home-- or is it the other way around. Well, whether you're decorating at 1:1 scale or 1:12 scale, it's all wonderful!

  5. Really a wonderful lounge!
    All details, including the magnificent roses, is your typical gorgeous interior style. Delicious!

  6. You have got to be kidding me! You have roses in your garden that grow by themselves? Dearie, your 1:1 is a replica of your dollhouse. And I agree with you, money well spent. Isn't it wonderful now you have such a pretty lounge to relax by? And this weekend, drag that couch you hate out of the house and dump it! :) Live without one for a while. Either that, or throw a piece of antique fabric over it and pretend it's art!

  7. What an improvement ! The room is just beautiful and such a good choice with the accessories. I feel like sitting in the armchair to read a book.

  8. Fab renovations Mercedes. Love the Fireplace..x

  9. Looks great! I love the ceiling and fireplace.

  10. Your room is beautiful Mercedes! I love the paint color, the fireplace and the new light is perfect!
    You've done a wonderful job!

  11. I always thought you managed to make your dolls houses look so real, and now I am thinking you actually turned your 1:1 house into looking like a miniature. I am green with envy... those blooms! They are so so so pretty!

  12. Your fireplace looks amazing...and the rest off the room is very cosy...It is just how I imagened it would be in your home...gezellig and warm!


  13. Do we all see in Minivision, or what? Your room is beautiful.

  14. How beautiful! Your home looks so elegant and welcoming, it is lovely! I adore your Amish portrait, and that fireplace is gorgeous. Can't wait to see more of the 1:1 house!

  15. Beautiful!!! It is so serene and calm feeling now- what a wonderful change! I am in love with your hanging shade- gorgeous! I can reupholster real furniture(I'm very, very slow at it though) but I am horrible at building mini furniture- you should give it a try- I bet you could do it!

  16. It looks so beautiful, Congratulations Mercedes!!


  17. Hello Mercedes; I just love what you did with the fire place,, it is so lovely... and your Roses are so pretty....

    Have a great week.


  18. I have an blog-adward for you at my blog! ~Hanna

  19. Lovely, Mercedes! wish I could visit you there! I love my home too and can't believe we built it 11 years ago! I'm so glad you have your true scale 'dollhouse.'

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  20. on my blog I have a prize for you!
    soon, Caterina

  21. E dudado si era de miniatura o no. Pero si que lo es. Esta precioso.

  22. Mercedes, your real lounged is wonderful. Love the fireplace!!!
    Great work in decoration yoour lounge!!!

  23. ooooh I first thought it was all miniature!!!ha!ha!
    Well, I really love the new fireplace!The colours are just perfect!

  24. I am behind with your blog as I recently found it. Your style in 1:1 and 1:12 is a favorite of mine. THen I saw your Sarah pic and was thrilled cause I have some N. A Noah prints as well. I grew up close to an Amish community and so wonderful to see her prints so far from home.


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