Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tiny Treasures!

Yesterday the mail brought another wonderful surprise! Three little blue boxes and a skeleton from the spectacularly clever Debbie at Tiny Treasures.

Debbie had told me she was making something special for Noah. Liberty quite liked that skeleton until she saw that he had a big scar in the back of his head. Debbie hadn't just sent something for Noah though, there was a box for each of us!

Those are the tiniest ice-creams Liberty is holding. Each box was filled with so many wonderful tiny treats. I had one very excited daughter!

Just look at all that gorgeous mini food and the pretty clock. Liberty couldn't decide which thing she liked the best but before she went to bed she picked up the cake with pink icing and fruit on top and said, "This really is the best one!" Make sure you click the picture to enlarge and you'll see how fantastic it all looks...I can't decide on a favourite but even hubby marvelled at the tray of pastries and the tiny Christmas mince pies.

Liberty got out her dollhouse people and made sure they all had a comfortable seat so they could look at the party food.

Here's the Mister having an extra good look...but that's as close as he got!

Noah gets home after school an hour later than Liberty. It was torture for her to wait that long for him to open his surprise, she carefully supervised him.

I had told Debbie that her Harry Potter minis are the only minis that really interest Noah. And look at what she sent him. He was thrilled! There's even a bag of special bubbles so he can make his own bubbling cauldron...and with the summer school holidays almost here that sounds like a great idea to keep him occupied. Then we'll have to see if we can build a room to house all his minis (quite a challenge for me! I'll be moving to the dark side. LOL!). Those bones are quite spectacular...and as for those adorable toadstools...well I've just 'borrowed' those for a little while Debbie (I promise I'll give them back to Noah), you'll see them again next week!
Thank you Debbie!


  1. Hi Mercedes,wow such wonderful gifts for each of you...Í can't wait to see Noah will do with these wonderful stuff?Liberty is totaly right,I also can't choose which one is the most delicious?
    Have fun with all these wonderful gifts!

    I wanted to say how much I liked talking to you and beleive me I was to excited to fel a sleep that night,haha!


  2. Looks like Santa arrived early at your house Mercedes....what wonderful gifts, not just the 'quality', but the 'quantity' is also amazing! You will get so much enjoyment from all of it I am sure....Enjoy!!

    Linda x

  3. Isnt Debbie the kindest wonderful friend! We cant wait to see you try your hand at something a little darker Mercedes, watch out though you can get hooked!! Have fun with all your goodies all of you, Kate xx

  4. What sweet and thoughtful gifts from Debbie! Your children look very happy with them!
    I couldn't decide which one I liked best either. They are all wonderful!

  5. These are really wonderful gifts, Mercedes! You can be happy to have a friend like Debbie :-)

    Hugs Taenia

  6. So pleased that you all liked your little gifts. So sorry you've had to wait so long for them.
    That box has been waiting to be sent for months. Glad you took pictures, as I couldn't remember what I put in the boxes.
    Mercedes that clock was made by another friend in the mini world Robert Mack, he used to work at Royal Doulton and it is real Bone China..
    Can't wait to see what you and Noah come up with. A walk on the Dark side...Cackle cackle xxx

  7. Mercedes, these gifts, especially the food must be so perfect for you as you don't really make food (or haven't ventured there yet). They are gorgeous and will fill up that wonderful shabby house of yours quickly. Beautiful work, Debbie!

  8. How very precious those little ice creams are... and I am sure Liberty had 'sweet dreams' while thinking of that darling lavender cake! What an absolutely lovely gift.

  9. Wonderful gifts. it is amazing to have mini friends around the worls, isn't it?
    Debbie is a very talented miniaturist!!

  10. What wonderful things ! You are a lucky family, it's so nice to see that there were miniatures for everyone.

  11. Lovely ! Noah looks so happy with his presents ! not to say Liberty! Debbie is really a darling and a most precious friend. Big hugs to you all Rosanna

  12. What fantastic gifts you have received! and it is such a pleasure to see children play too (ha!ha!ha! I thought for a moment that only adults were concerned about minis on blogland).

    Your kitchen is delightful!

  13. lol...coming over to the dark side, huh?? Can't wait to see what a shabby sheik, Harry Potter room looks like!! You 2 will have a blast building a roombox....

    Love all the goodies you and Liberty how she's got her dolls set up!! So fun!

  14. WOW! So much lovely gifts!
    * marlies


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