Saturday, November 14, 2009

Marvellous mini mail!

I got some REAL mini mail the other day from Katie. Look at all those beautiful, detailed envelopes. That big cream coloured one there is a mini of some real mail I sent her - hubby was very impressed with that envelope!
I love Mary Englebreit and Katie sent that gorgeous card of hers to me. We both agree it would be great to build a 'Mary' day!

Katie also made some wonderful magazines. I am so lucky to have such a clever friend!
Thank you Katie!
I know I haven't blogged much lately but believe me I've been a VERY busy girl. You'll be seeing the results soon!


  1. Lovely, Katie is really good. I spot a key for your entrance table ;o))Hugs Rosanna

  2. How wonderful. That was really creative with the mail from you. Looking so much forward to see what you have been up to as well:)

  3. How lucky you are! :)

    They are all such cute minis, very real looking.

    I'm also looking forward to seeing what you've been up to. :)

  4. It is always fun to receive some mail,but mini mail is the best!

    Lots of fun with it Mercedes!

  5. I've just found your blog. It is a true gem in the cyber world. I leave a small Swedish footprints behind me. I will be back!

    Greetings from Sweden & Agneta

  6. Can't wait to see what you have been up to!!

  7. The mini mail is wonderful. Great work by Katie.
    I am looking forward to seeing your new things.

  8. :) I am so glad you liked everything!!! That little dress charm made me think of you and the dress you made recently!! Hopefully you can find something to use it with:)

    That mini mail is special to me too!! There's letters from both sets grandparents, one from my Great grandmother....there was one from my daughter when she was first learning to get the glad to have been able to share them with you....


  9. Wow what a wonderful treat from Katie in your mail. I bet you smiled all day. Hugs~ Kim

  10. you are really lucky, recieving mail is always nice and I would love to see a Mary's house, i love their pictures and always look at them looking for inspiration


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