Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Questions, quilts and cushions!

So many of you wanted to know where those exquisite glass bottles came from I asked Benedetta and she emailed me the link so here it is Glasscraft. I'm sure you'll agree I am a very lucky girl!
I've also been asked about the little bird picture, it is a scrapbooking brad and was part of a very useful set!
Benedetta sent me the bottles in return for a country quilt and some other things I made for her.
This is the country quilt that I made for Benedetta.

And this I just had to show you. It is a cushion stitched by the one and only Rosanna.
Rosanna is a friend of Benedetta's and when she saw the quilt she was inspired to stitch this perfectly matching patchwork cushion, how fantastic is that?!!!!!! Pop on over to Rosanna's blog and tell her how great she is!


  1. Lovely quilt Mercedes! And how nice that the patterns cross with Rosannas pillow.Hugs,Jeannette

  2. Mercedes, the cushions and quilt are wonderfull, i like so much!


  3. Rosanna amazes me with her beautiful miniature stitching. Lovely Quilt you made Mercedes.. x

  4. I love the bottles, I love the quilt you made, and I love the cushion Rosanna made! I love all of it! :D

  5. Thanks for the link, Mercedes. I knew I had seen those delicate ribbed bottles somewhere before. You are indeed a lucky girl...but then so was Benedetta to receive your beautiful country quilt! As for the pillow Rosanna sent you, I always marvel at those tiny petit pointe creations. My eyes have never allowed me to make anything that micro. Yes, Rosanna is truly talented...and I shall tell her so!


  6. How lovely! And so clever to use a brad...I'm going to look through mine now with new eyes! You find the most wonderful fabric, I can never see anything with a print fine enough for a dollhouse. That quilt is so sweet.

  7. How wonderful that the three of you have made such lovely things!
    I love the quilt, the bookshelf and the glass! They look beautiful together!

    I need some help with making books!
    Please see my post today!

    Love, Kathi

  8. Hi Mercedes, thank you for this pic, I love your quilt , it has been so inspiring Benedetta hasno more excuses for not having a blog. We have to coax her.Big hugs to you all Rosanna

  9. Darling quilt and I adore cranberry glass too! I have a collection of it in my dollhouse. When we had our 25th wedding anniversary I said to my husband "What would I do with silver! It would sit in a cupboard and go black." So we got silver for the dollhouse instead, much more sensible!!

  10. Mercedes! You are an absolute sweetie to post Rosanna's cushion :). And you are right, it matches perfectly with your wonderful quilt. Way cute!

  11. Oh, thanks for the link. :)

    That quilt is adorable.

    I had already found that cushion post, it looks so sweet. :)


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