Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Taps, tiles and gifts!

Thank you all for your lovely comments about the shabby kitchen! I'm VERY happy that everyone likes it.
For those who wanted to know the taps are the ones Sylvia sent me, they are made by Eurominis, they were gold and I painted them. I love them because they are different to what anyone else has here!

I made the 'tiles' by finding tiles I liked on a tile shop website and printing them on to photo paper. Once I had stuck them onto a piece of wood I grooved the top of the wood to make it look more real.
To make the coffee packet I just printed a logo onto some paper then cut and folded it like a paper bag, it was very simple but fiddly making a bag that tiny!
Yesterday I got these little pretties in the mail from Sylvia. A beautiful coffee grinder and delicate plate and some very useful little angels. Sylvia also sent me some handles for the shabby house but I'm already painting them so you'll have to wait to see them!
Thank you once again Sylvia!


  1. Love love love your mini kitchen so far. That sink is lovely. Happy Thanksgiving Mercedes! Hugs~ Kim

  2. You are so creative! I love the "tiles".

  3. God bless the printing machine!
    Everything is wonderful, love the sink!

  4. Thank you for all the tips.

  5. It is all wonderful Mercedes, but you mustn't give away all your 'secrets'.....half the fun is trying to work-out how you made different things!

    Linda x

  6. Lovely little gifts Mercedes. Love your sink unit. Brilliant idea for the tiles..xx

  7. Linda is right about your secrets! Although I am very grateful that you do share!

    I for one stared long and hard at that cute little hot plate... I can now make one that looks exactly like that one... IN MY MIND that is! It will take a little bit more staring before I'll actually attempt it!!!

    Don't you sometimes find the words you get for verification hilariously funny? Mine this time is 'MINGSHEM', sounds like it could actually be a word..., somewhere...!

  8. Lovely kitchen, Mercedes. Clever girl with the faux tiles.

    One of the nicest things about miniaturists is that they (most of them, anyway) are seldom reluctant to share the methods and madness. I am not sure why some are secretive about their techniques. We are all in this for the fun of it, after all.

    Even those who sell their things must realize that items made using their method will only be similar to but never the same as what they produce.

    I, personally, am delighted when some asks "how did you do that??" and am pleased to show and tell.

    Thanks, Mercedes.


  9. How clever! I love the tiles, they make such a difference to the kitchen. I also wondered about your taps, they are lovely! Can't wait to see the handles, are they the ones that have taken so long to get to you?!

  10. It is lovely and I am glad you are happy with them!

    Love Sylvia

  11. Sailing for the net, encontre your blog, which seems to be to me brilliant(genial).
    I live in españa, and it(he) makes small that descubri the world of the miniatures for houses of wrists(dolls).
    Your works are brilliant(genial), and it(he,she) can not resist make me a follower of your blog.
    Though I do not understand very much English(groin) and, this that you escrivo I do with a translator. This way that you do not surprise at the rare(strange) expressions that you find, jajajaja
    An embrace from españa

  12. The kitchen looks lovely.

    I have a tiny sugardish (with lid) in that same series as the dish.
    I love it :)

  13. Great Mercedes!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!


  14. Sylvia's gifts are gorgeous, esp the coffee grinder. But I do love those taps.

  15. I love the tiles. If someday I make a mini kitchen, I will use them. Absolutely great!!


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