Monday, March 2, 2009

Award Time!

Thank you Rosanna, Marlies and Every Little Thing for passing this award on to me! It means a lot to me that so many people like what I do!

As a recipient of the award I have to list just five of the many things I am addicted to:

1) Finding a bargain! It's almost become my mission in life to not pay full price for anything!

2) French things...of course nothing in the picture is really from France most of it's made in China! (Yes, everything pictured was either a bargain or given to me as a gift)

3) Scrapbook paper...too many pretty ones, just can't help myself!

4) Books. Especially childrens books and home decor books. These are (some of) Liberty's books, the ones on the top shelf I have made her myself.

5) Clocks. This gorgeous clock is from Liberty's room. I have to put it in the kitchen every night because I can hear it ticking through the bedroom wall, my hubby thinks I have supersonic hearing 'cos he can't hear it. I also have to close the kitchen and lounge doors at night because there are many more clocks out there and their ticking at night drives me nuts too!

Now to pass the award on to five other blogs. This will be tricky!

Sylvia whose minature work is outstanding, so realistic.
Lissu whose Gustavian furniture is absolutely beautiful.
Pussman who is mutli-talented and makes beautiful miniatures, super cute softie kittys and is redecorating her real house at the same time.
San who has to be the most ambitious miniaturist around building, furnishing and people-ing a Maharajah's Palace.
Shannon who appears to be 'missing in action' but is building the most beautiful dollhouse with the most exquisite furniture.


  1. AAAkk! Your mother or mine had twin girls and separated them at birth... bargains, all things French, scrapbook paper (you should see my stash) and books, books, books and my clock thing is just crazy. The more clocks in a room the better, even vintage clocks in the bathroom and giant clocks on the wall instead of art.... what is it about you and me???

  2. Uh,Oh! Saucy it's getting a bit spooky, could be some paralell universe thing going on here sister. Hmmmmm, clocks in the bathroom, that might just push the hubby over the edge! Might have to give it a go.

  3. Thank you for this glamorous award :). It has made made made my day that someone thinks my blog is interesting enough. I also love the way you have made this post on addictions so visual and I shall hope to do the same tonight for mine. By the way, I had a "vintage clocks" thingy going too but it is not ez filling your house with them without going cuckoo [sic]. ;D Bargains and books as you can tell from my blog are almost inseparable from me.3 out of 5, sister, HI 5!

  4. Thanks so much for your award!
    I do not know if I deserve it!
    I do not even know how to collect it! Just take the picture and post it at my blog??
    Thanks !!!
    I will collect it this evening. Have to hurry now!

  5. That's right, just copy the picture. And put it on your blog. You do deserve it, you work hard and the things you make are lovely!

  6. Mercedes, I am a bargain hunter, too! One of the first posts I made on my blog was about haunting thrift shops. I posted a couple of pics of treasured finds.

  7. I chose your blog as one of my 5 as well. I see you already had one, but thought you deserved it :)

  8. Thank you so much! Love your blog too!


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