Friday, March 13, 2009

The Hyacinth

Liberty and I made our first one of Sylvia's hyacinths last night. Liberty just has to help me when she sees me doing anything crafty, which can be very frustrating! However, I try and let her help as much as I can.

Cutting out leaves is the best fun!

Painting the leaves, it takes a great deal of concentration!

"You have to let me paint that bit mum, because purple is my favourite colour today"!

Hubby is away and I had to pick Noah up from karate so the paint even got to dry before I continued on. LOL!

I finished it off after Liberty had gone to bed. When she woke up this morning she said,"Hey, I was going to do that". So I've had to promise to let her make the next one herself...maybe...

I've used San's trick of using a book for the background. Love doing that!

It was just a happy coincidence that the beam of light in the picture ended up 'shining' on the hyacinth. I didn't notice that until just now!
I made the 'library table' at the miniatures club, the lady who taught us how to make them was 90 years old!
Oh, and you may have noticed my photo's are looking a bit clearer - and I didn't even have to read the camera manual, just perfected my technique - well, just took the pictures from a bit further away actually.
Have a creative day!


  1. well succeeded!!!
    It is wonderfull and Liberty did a great job!!

    greetings Sylvia

  2. BELLISSIMO!!!! how beautiful! you have been both veeeery good, give Liberty a big kiss from me, she is a good little helper. Love the library and it is really a good idea using the book as background. I'll copycat it!

  3. Hi, I'm glad you found your way to my blog - so I found my way to your lovely blog! What an inspiration!

    Gorgeous hyacinths you made.

    Oh, I've always, just always, wanted to visit New Zealand.

  4. The hyacinth is lovely! I can imagine it is difficult with little children.
    But still they are easier when they are so small, enjoy her. looks as she really loves doing it.
    My children are a lot older and they give me other worries, the kind that give you grey hair and wrinkles ; )

    I will copycat that book trick to

  5. Great to see your doughter helping you! She likes it a lot and did a great job! I like the book as background, it looks realy good!
    I love that library table and the hyacinth is looking great!
    You both did a great job,
    * marlies

  6. Oh my, such pretty flowers. Great, great job, you both :). I must swap some with Sylvia later on when I am doing my courtyard or palace garden. :) I found "a tree" this morning when I went running, Mercedes. Will post couple of days after my next post
    You are perfecting the "book" routine. Which Taschen is this? I have "Paris Interiors" too.

  7. When I saw the first picture, I thought it was of your living room....I was trying to figure out why you were making fake hyacinth for yourself...Bahahaha....until I read a little futher....GREAT DISQUISE!!! What a beautiful hyacinth!!

    I have 3 kids, and I'm horrible at sharing my stuff! Don't get me wrong...I do share, just not everything...hehe

  8. The Hyacinth looks wonderful. Well to you and Liberty.
    Mini Hugs

  9. What a wonderful (and adorable) helper you have!

    The hyacinth looks fantastic. I did a double take looking at the first picture... this is what happens when I start reading blogs before the tea is steeped... The entire picture looked in proportion but the chair didn't look like any mini I have ever seen. Then I started wondering how you found someone who made such great mini chairs! ;-)

    Ah well. I think I may try San's background trick too. I worked so very well.

  10. Wow - this post has so much in it. First of all Liberty is adorable and it is great you can share this with her. Secondly, the Hyancinth is wonderful - it turned out so well. Thirdly - I love the idea of that book. I will have to try it. And last but not least I can see why you have earned the award that I am passing on to you. It is on my blog. Thanks for being one of my sisters.

  11. Hey Merce, can you let Liberty know that she has won an award too :)? Day 39 ,come by , with her.

  12. I have a Sisterhood award with your name on it. Come on over and get it :D

  13. Hello. I've got a award for you on my blog.
    Mini hugs, Rute. :)


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