Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Mail!

The mail is just so exciting these days! Yesterday I got two fabulous packages in the mail!

This was from Sylvia. She was sending me some more little corkballs to make hyacinths from (I haven't been able to find such things anywhere here) and she had included a couple of little surprises in the package. This darling little baby picture in the most beautiful frame and a gorgeous little tiny baby plate. My Dutch friend, Frederica says she remembers those plates from when she lived in Holland, they are given to babies when they are born.
Dank je wel Sylvia!
The next package was from Rosanna. These little bags contained two of the most beautiful hand-stitched pillows I have ever seen. They are exquisite, even the hubby was astounded at how detailed they are. This sweet little rosebud one and...
This unbelievably gorgeous one with a little teapot on it. Liberty was so thrilled to see her name on this one she claimed it for herself straight away!

Grazie Rosanna!

I am truly grateful to both Rosanna and Sylvia for these wonderful gifts. My dollhouse just looks better every day!


  1. They look pretty because they are in a wonderful surrounding. Hugs to you all

  2. Rosanna, they look so wonderful!!!

    Mercedes enjoy al the gifts, you deserve it!

    Love Sylvia

  3. Mercedes I also have one of Rosanna's cushions and the work is breath taking. Wonderful Gifts..

  4. The pillows are beautiful! I need some of those for my dollhouses.
    What great work.

  5. Lucky you...they are all so pretty.

  6. How lucky you are!!! Both are so pretty and sweet!!
    Warm regards,

  7. So lovely!
    I just love every detail in Your house!


  8. LOVELY! They are wonderful, Mercedes. Now everything has some meaning.

  9. Mercedes, I really love how your house is coming along. Its so soft and feminie. It looks like you could just walk right in and feel at home.


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