Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Little Birdhouses

Here's what I've been making in the past week. Sometimes when I make something I think I might as well make a whole lot of them so that the next time I need the same thing I won't have to get all the craft stuff out again and make another big mess! I don't know why something so small should create such a huge mess but it seems to be that way with anything I create.

These little birdhouses are made from balsa wood. Most of them just have wood veneer for their roofs (rooves?) I had a strip of balsa wood left over from making my little garden so that's what I used. I painted them and then pushed a pencil in to make the hole, it worked surprisingly well. The tallest birdhouse is about 1 inch high.
And here's the vege patch for the garden. I need better 'dirt' but I'm really pleased with the way the wood around the patch turned out, it's just made from balsa wood too, painted with two different shades of grey paint. I think I've fallen in love with balsa wood this week!


  1. Very cute.

    I recently posted a photo of a bunch of birdhouse I made but mine were more novelty ones for a florist shop I am making.


  2. I also create in multiples... it's about efficiency and getting into the groove! Lurrve the birdhouses!

  3. They are very pretty. Mini birdhouses are so whimsical. My brother was extolling the virtues of balsa wood and told me they cut like butter and that I should make furniture with them as a start.

  4. I'm not able to do multiples, I always have one of a kind. Which is very silly when you come to need another piece. I love your veggie garden. Mini hugs

  5. The are wonderful, the colors are also beautiful

    greeting Sylvia

  6. Mercedes the little bird houses are fabulous..And I love the veggie patch..

  7. I've been waiting on these pics all weekend:) They look great! I love the colors you chose....and the 2 story houses!!

  8. They are adorable!
    I have trouble making things so small.
    my eyes are getting a bit tired I guess.
    I have been working to much behind a computerscreen the last years I think!

    Do you have little birds too?;)

  9. Just found your blog. I love your work! I also create in multiples for just the same reason. It's come in handy many, many times.

  10. cute with the brick wall. I make a few also; you hate to have to do it all over again. I seldom go back and do something over again.

  11. I love these birdhouses!!!
    I'm sorry Mercedes, there was an award whaiting for you on my blog too, I forgot to tell you........:(
    * marlies

  12. I believe the general rule is: the smaller something is, the bigger mess it creates. It seems to apply to babies of all species and miniatures equally. ;-)

    Love the bird houses!

  13. Your veggie patch is lovely... I think I need to go get some balsa :D

  14. It´s a lovely roombox, I love the fabric on the bed.
    I also like your birdhouses, the´re wonderful!


  15. Love your birdhouses - very creative!


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