Saturday, March 7, 2009

A little re-do

When I gave the roombox to my neice I never imagined the fun she would have with it or that she would be moving everything around every five minutes.
The 'quilt' on the end of this bed was originally the duvet. It has the pink rose fabric on the back. One of the first things she did was to turn the quilt over because she liked the roses better! She also moved the bed to the centre of the room which was unfortunate because I made the bed in such a hurry and the dust ruffle was shorter on one side, which was why I used that old miniaturists trick of putting it against the wall.

I had put very silly skinny legs on the end of the bed and of course they had fallen off. Now I've given it super strength legs.

So now I've fixed it all up properly. I made a new rose duvet and turned the 'old' one into a quilt (the fabric is the 'Twelve Days of Christmas), and made an extra 'skirt' to go under the dust ruffle. Also made a new rose cushion. And now I'm happy with it...but will she be?

Oh and I dropped the bed when I took it back to her house and broke the bedhead...why does nothing ever go smoothly?!



  1. It's sugary-sweet Mercedes! And it looks like you got the bedhead mended easily!

  2. it looks really sweet and wonderful!!
    A really pretty bedroom

  3. I just love that quilt! The whole bed is really pretty! She'll love it!

  4. The room is very pretty and your niece will love it even more. The view outside the windows is of a place named Paraggi near Portofino and at a short distance from the city I live in. Anyway my heart is set on coming to New Zealand sooner or later, I must see your magnificent landscapes.Mini hugs

  5. Mercedes Love the Bed, very pretty in Pink..

  6. Lovely little bedroom, all these lovely and sweet colors!
    * marlies


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