Tuesday, March 17, 2009


And before all you miniaturists think this is miniature, I'd just like to say, 'I'm clever, but not THAT clever'! LOL!!

I'm posting this for my friend Saucy who has just posted an amazing tutorial on her blog about how to make frosting roses.

This is Liberty's first birthday cake. I absolutely LOVE rosebuds so I had a friend who is a cake decorator come over and he showed me how to make little rosebuds. They're not made from frosting, it was fancy cake decorator icing and I was able to make them a few days in advance.

I made some cupcakes too and I have to say I am much better at making them now but the little monkey did enjoy them!
The WISH letters are wooden and I covered them with scrapbooking paper and now they are on her bedroom wall.
Y'know sometimes I still can't quite believe I have a daughter! I found out when I was pregnant that I was having a girl but never actually believed it until she'd been born. We waited many years for her and she was definitely worth the wait!


  1. Hi Mercedes,
    So lovely the little roses on the birthdaycake, I wish I see that when my daughter was little.
    I am also very happy with a daughter after 3 sons, I call it my "toetje" that means in english something as Dessert.
    groetjes sylvia

  2. Liberty is lovely, really, not saying it just to be polite. If she is here, my sis will have used her to model for Lifebaby which is her baby fashion store and they distribute to at least 20+ countries worldwide so Liberty will be famous :).

  3. I don't know who's cuter....Liberty ot the rose buds.....Liberty, of course. I also like the covered letters!

  4. Mercedes, your daughter Liberty is beautiful, you are blessed.
    Lovely cakes and Rosebuds. I bet you could make them in Miniature..
    Mini Hugs

  5. Mercedes you are indeed blessed. What a beautiful daughter you have and not only in looks she seems to have an inner beauty as well. Those cakes are also really pretty and of course they appeal to me and my sweet tooth.

  6. She is as sweet as the cake. I wished a boy when I was pregnant and Matteo arrived but when I see little princesses like yours.... well I'd like to have a couple pf them. She is really a darling.
    Most important: the enveloped has left Italy this morning. Since it is not a parcel there shouldn't be troubles at Custom. I hope it wont take long to arrive. Mini hugs

  7. That is so pretty....as is Liberty.

    You could make those in miniature I bet...same technique...just a little smaller :-)

  8. I agree with Katie. Both Liberty and the rosebuds are too darling for words.

  9. PS I am happy you like rosebuds ;o))


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