Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today it felt like Christmas!

Today my mail from Sylvia arrived and I am happy to say that this time the Customs Department was not interested so it got here in record time! This morning I was just thinking I couldn't wait much longer for the package and this afternoon there it was on my front porch!

I almost cried when I opened that package and saw what was inside. I had absolutely no idea as to what Sylvia was sending me...and look at what it was, just some of the most exquisitely beautiful things that she made all herself and has been showing us all on her blog. I can hardly believe it, I feel like I must be dreaming!

I am truly blessed to have met Sylvia.

And now finishing my dollhouse has become my number one priority. Tomorrow I will 'play' with my new toys in the dollhouse and take some pics.

Dank je wel Sylvia!

Yes, today it felt like Christmas!



  1. Wow, they are all such beautiful pieces. You are so lucky! I can't wait to see them in your dollhouse.
    :o) Sue

  2. Oh wow, how sweet of her. I adore her work it is so lovely. I'm sure you will find the perfect homes for all of these.

  3. OMG, they are exquisite!!! Lucky lucky you :)!

  4. They are stunning. Sylvia has been so kind. Where wiil you place them?

  5. I still can't believe I have all these!
    Rosanna, I'm going to place them everywhere in my little casa. I'll try and take some pictures today.


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