Monday, March 23, 2009

An Award!

A big thank you to Lena, Katie and Debbie for this award. I should add that my 12 year old son, Noah, finds Debbie's miniatures far more interesting than anything I make! LOL!!
Seven things I love are:

Little tables - just bought the little round one at Noah's school fair in the weekend. I have no reason for buying it other than I liked it. Almost ended up in divorce court because the hubby didn't like it however managed to trick him into thinking I was about to buy a bigger piece of furniture, so when I settled on a little table he was rather happy! LOL!! At the moment this table has ended up in the corner of our bedroom where hubby actually thinks it looks quite good - why does he never trust my furniture buying judgement?!

Tins - I bought the pink gingham one on the round table at a seconds shop, it was all squashed in on one side but for only $2 it was mine and I pushed the 'ding' out. The perfect ones were $20!!! The little heart one I got at the school fair, Liberty thought it was going in her room, tee, hee!

Pretty boxes - (also in the above pic) wooden, cardboard, anything. Just love 'em. Half of them have nothing in them and still I buy more.

Tin signs - this one is in Liberty's room. I had been looking at it on the internet for years but it was going to cost a fortune to have it shipped to New Zealand. So one day I thought I should just see if I could get it in NZ and what do you know there was someone selling right here!

Childrens chairs - these are old school chairs that I have covered with scrapbooking paper. My mum has 5 more of these little chairs and if I didn't have a minimalist for a husband they'd be right here in my house.

Fabric - any sort, just has to be pretty. As with anything related to crafting, I have more fabric than I know what to do with.

Friends - especially all the wonderful friends I am making through this blog! I appreciate you all more than you know.

I would have put my lovely children and husband if they hadn't driven me crazy all now they're not even going to get an honourable mention.

And now I'd like to pass the award on to:

By now most of you will have probably had the award already! Just takes me a while to get things sorted around here, especially over the weekend. I started this post on Saturday morning and now it's Monday night. Really every blog I visit deserves this award. I appreciate all the time and effort everyone puts in so we can all be creative together.



  1. Your real home looks lovely. The chairs are amazing with the decorative papers. I have one boring old schoolchair in my daughter's room and you gave me a wonderful idea here. Thank you!

    It's nice to see other's stashes of fabric or other materials, makes mine look not so crazy... ;o)

    Thank you for sharing your photos!

  2. Thank you Mercedes, I love reveing it from you! You have been clever about the little table. I have to do the same with my Hubby. They are all the same all around the word!!
    How is Noah? has he got out of bed? hugs to you all

  3. So, you like little tables, huh?? I'm very happy about that, but you'll have to wait a while before you have any idea as to what I'm talking about:) hahaha...And the bf is a minimalist, too...And I'm a pack rat!! Poor fella has been tring to get me to unload a little for years! And I keep packing it in, HAHA! And I love what you did to those chairs!! NEAT IDEA!! I love fabric, too...a trait I picked up from my Mother, lol, she has enough to open a small fabric store!! Probally got that pack-rat thing from her, huh?? LOL

    Poor honorable mention, huh?...LOL...I hear ya!! Haha

  4. Why is it that miniaturists/crafty and creative people seem to always end up married to a minimalist? I have the same problem.

    Your home is very lovely. I adore the little chairs you touched up. And your new table looks so nice in the corner with your treasures on it.

  5. Thank you Mercedes and the pictures of your home are lovely, beautifull things,

    Love Sylvia

  6. Mercedes! Thanks for the award! :) My musings post with a bit on you is up at if you want to read it :).
    Ok, we have got to stop having so much in common, tin signs? children's chairs?! I collect fabric/textile every time I travel and have 5 Toyo boxes full of them!
    Everyone around me is a minimalist compared to me haha.

  7. Little tables...LOL...they look great :-)

  8. Mercedes please tell Noah, I'm pleased he likes my blog. Mybe he could make his own Magical Room Box..

  9. oh mercedes,thanks a lot!
    I feel a bit guilty for not blogging, but we have so many things on our mind lately.
    I believe things will be better and quiter in the near future, but right now I have no time for making miniatures, or blogging.
    I will be posting pictures of the progress in the house and studio in a few days.
    Bye. This chairs are really nice,
    like real ones!

  10. I mean quieter. Sorry MY SPELLING1111 :(

  11. You asked what of the list we matched up again... here goes:

    I have little tables in every corner of our house! I dragged Veto to pick up just one more and he was disgusted with me, "how many more of these do you need" but it looks too too cute in the back hallway and since I change the still life on it every couple of weeks he really enjoys it. He's bought more tables than he can shake a stick at.

    Tins, well I like a good tin and now that you mention it I have really quite a lot of them but it wouldn't have sprung to my mind... but I do!

    Pretty boxes, oh yes! I made hatboxes for years, before you could buy them and such (back in the 80's) and I have them tucked all over the place! I pretty much know what's in them...

    Not into children's chairs but oh I just lurrve seeing them around!

    Fabric: I don't even want to show you the armoire in my craft room... a fabric store unto itself and I don't even sew.

    Friends why yes of course ;) so it seems ones that are very much like me, so the last question is:

    If you and I switched places for a week, would anyone notice?


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