Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mr Nylon is back in the kitchen!

Today Mr Nylon is looking relaxed and worry free.
You may remember when we last left Mr Nylon (quite some time ago) he was in despair over the chaos in his kitchen. (He never did get that coffee he was after.)
Finally the decorator has been by and transformed the kitchen to look more like the country style dream Mr Nylon's wife Silky had in mind.

Mr Nylon is especially pleased with the look of the new picture rail.
Decorators tip: The picture rail is made from a piece of wood with lace glued onto it, then painted.

The decorator has a penchant for gingham...and blue...but was unable to procure enough of that beautiful blue gingham wallpaper to do the whole room. Fortunately the blue in the ginham worked perfectly with the previous wallpaper at the top of the walls. (I always thought that the top wallpaper was perfect for the kitchen but it was a little too drab for my liking.)
It looks like Silky is getting the butlers sink she has always wanted! Bri would have installed a dishwasher but the likelihood of one being constructed in the next decade is very slim. He is standing where the new oven will's been under construction for about 9 months now.

It was a challenge to find something just right for the cupboard took many hours of searching and experimenting to find this gorgeous print. It came from the back of a wonderful Mary Englebreit card sent by Katie. The print was just the right scale.

So there you have it, a new country kitchen for Bri Nylon.
As you can see there is still plenty of work to be done. But the good news is the decorator has almost made it to the end of the school holidays...another week and she will have some TIME to finish the job!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Miniature Goodies!

The poor postie must wonder what's going on around here these days. I'm sure he thought he might get a little rest in January! But he's still working hard bringing packages to our door!
This little wooden ballerina doll was a made by Sabiha, her little arms and legs even move!!!

This spectacular 1:12 cardigan and little doll were knitted by Frederica.

Slightly bigger than 1:12 but VERY cute is this T-shirt from Katie.

Liberty was thrilled to hear we had won a giveaway from Hanna.

This fantastic fox toy was our wonderful prize.

Hanna also sent us these other gorgeous goodies. Everything is of course stunning! I was so happy to see that crocheted blanket. I used to crochet when I was a kid and I tried some mini crochet when I was on holiday but it didn't quite work, I'll have to have another go soon.
How cute is that Russian doll cushion for Liberty?!
Thank you all for making this a very exciting month!


Monday, January 18, 2010

French Week!

Patricia at Pappillon Bleu UK is hosting a French Week! We are supposed to write about what France means to us.
For me France is a beautiful dream!

A few French minis in the garden.

The rest of the pictures are French themed things from around the 1:1 house.

The 'Paris in a Week' book is from 1925.

An early oil painting done by me of a French scene. (I haven't painted for years, too lazy...I leave it up to my mother, she is a fabulous artist!)
Moulin Roty cat given to Liberty by my sister.

Patricia -Miss Clavel and Madeleine are waiting eagerly to greet Ruby!

My beautiful dinnerset!
ONE day I'll get to France and buy some REAL French things...for now I'll continue to enjoy my dream!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just having some fun!

I made these little dolls while I was away on holiday. They're smaller than the last lot, about 2.5 - 3cm tall.

I was inspired to pose them on the stage (which is in an old book I have) for the new blog header by Patricia at Papillon Bleu UK. Patricia has been making the sweetest little theatres. She also makes the most beautiful dolls and tells wonderful stories. Her world is an absolute delight to visit!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Shabby Chic Plate Rack

I've been wanting to make a plate rack for the shabby chic kitchen for such a long time.
I finally decided I had thought about it long enough and just had to sit down and make it. It was nowhere near as difficult to make as I thought it was going to be.

I also made a little shelf and painted those sweet little parfait glasses, they're metal minis.

And while we're in the shabby house...I received a beautiful gift from Kim Saulter just before I went on holiday.
This gorgeous 'real life' cupcake book which Liberty looks at every day. She goes through it page by page and I have to read it and tell her about each cupcake.
And Kim also sent this glass platter of the most exquisite Christmas cookies, they look so perfect in the shabby house!
Thank you so much Kim!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year to everyone who stops by here! 2009 has been a great year for me, I hope 2010 is just as wonderful for everyone!
I made a few dolls to send across the world for Christmas...there are still a few more waiting to be finished (why does December always fly by?!)

This was the first little doll I have ever made and I sent her to Maia as part of my Christmas swap gift.

Then I couldn't resist making this little witch to send to Susanna as a late addition to the Advent Calendar.

A vintage looking doll for Sylvia.

All in pure white silk from my wedding dress for Linda.

Pretty and fresh looking for Sabiha.

And all rosy for Rosanna.
We're going on a summer holiday in the next few days and I'm taking a little tin of things that are waiting to be finished!
2010 - the year of finishing things, lol!