Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Happy Easter!

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!

Easter -  the perfect reason for some pastel coloured prettiness!!
(Ha! Those of you who know me will know I need no reason for pastel coloured fun!)
Hope you all have some time to relax and get creative over the Easter break.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Let's take a look at the Farmhouse bathroom...

 Thank you all so much for your fantastic feedback and ideas regarding La Maisonnette bathroom. 
It was all very helpful and I'm still thinking things over and reading your suggestions again and again. 

Here are some pics of the Farmhouse bathroom. 
It's become one of my favourite rooms, which is funny because I don't care much about real life bathrooms at all. 
Since I last showed you this room (years ago I know!) I've moved the linen cupboard from the hallway - where it could only be seen through a window -  into the bathroom.

Here's the vintage lavabo on the left wall, I've recessed it into the wall just because I wanted some grungy tilework in there. Ha!

I saw a real life bath with an old board across it like that...some things just scream out to be made in miniature.

I'd seen pictures of vintage Hungarian baby baths on the web. I don't know why they're always Hungarian! 
Then when I was on holiday here in New Zealand a couple of summers ago I saw one in an antique shop in a tiny country town.
Of course I had to make a mini one.
That laundry basket is one of the wonkiest things I've ever made. It's very flexible! 

Now those of you who have keen observation skills may have noticed something missing in this bathroom...
'Oh, yes!' I hear you say 'The toilet'...
I must have something against toilets I guess. The loo in here always annoyed me so I just removed it. So far no one has asked where it is. But I'm going to pretend it's under the stairs in the hallway. One day I'll make a door in the hallway and say that's where it is! Problem solved!!!

And for those of you who asked about putting the loo on the other wall in the Maisonnette. 
I have tried it there. It is an option as there's just enough room for it...
but then I thought too much about the pipework. LOL!!!
Decades I ago I lived in a very old building in the city and the loo was outside (fun times!!) those of you who suggested's not a bad idea!!!
And those of you who suggested I stop thinking about it, for now that's what I'll do. 
So next weeks blog post - I promise no bathrooms.

Have a fun week!

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

La Maisonnette - that tiny bathroom returns!

 Here we are back in the petite bathroom.
I want to get it finished because I'm tired of trying to figure out what to do in there.
I came up with a handbasin design to embrace my love of rusty enamel
and added a little soap dish to the shower.
I attached the handbasin to a panel of tiles because it was driving me crazy 
trying to attach it directly to the slanted wall.
The tile panel isn't glued to the wall yet, I'm still moving things around.
Here are the rather grand doors I made for the bathroom.

My final headache 'challenge' in here is the toilet. 
I'd rather the toilet was on the other side of the handbasin so it wasn't right in your face when you're looking at the house but...
 then it would be the first thing you see when you open the bathroom door...
which just doesn't seem right either. 
(Forgive the quality of the last couple of pics which were hastily taken at night.)

And then there's the tricky question of pipework and a cistern. Not to mention where I've put the toilet lid - not that it would technically be able to have a lid if it's against the slanted wall.
I'm tired just thinking about it. That's a challenge for another time...there are prettier, less functional, things to be working on!

Thanks for stopping by and any ideas on what to do would be most appreciated!

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Let's go visit the Farmhouse!

We'll take a break from posts about La Maisonnette because that little bathroom is driving me NUTS!!!
 I have made some progress on it but it has sorely tried my patience!!

So here, hopefully for your visual pleasure, is a post from the Farmhouse girls room.

Don't ask me why I ever called this the Farmhouse. 
That may have been how it started out all those years ago (this is the third time I've renovated it) but now it seems more like a Chateau!
The chest of drawers is one of my favourite things I've made.
I made it from cardboard - You see I really 'do what I can with what I have'.
It may look like a few random items thrown on the dressing table but it takes quite some thought and time to create just the right things!
The drawers are lined with scrapbooking paper.
One day I'll fill them.
I think this is the prettiest room in the Farmhouse.

I must say I am enjoying blogging again...didn't realise how much I'd missed you all.
Thank you for your comments and feedback, it's all very helpful!

My city is in a 7 day Covid Lockdown this week all due to some fool not following the rules.
However, that gives me time to finish a few things off (hopefully I'll finish that little bathroom) and plan a few more blog posts.

Thanks for stopping by!