Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mr Nylon thinks he's going to Paris...

    On Monday afternoon I'm going to Tasmania...
Mr Nylon has heard there's an unoccupied 'Petite Maison' there.

So he's packed his bag, said a hasty goodbye to his family and is off to see the world!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally be able to meet Linda!
Back next week!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A bed for the country house

Things have changed a little since you last saw the country house...
this room was the girly pink bedroom!
Now it's slowly becoming the boys bedroom.
I made this little iron bed months ago but it's been lingering around waiting for the perfect bed linens.
Sylvia sent me the tiny castors, they actually work!
If you give the bed a push it just whizzes across the floor!
I found these napkins at the op shop.
They have the perfect edgings for miniature bed linens!
I got some inspiration from Liberty's (real life) antique bed.
I LOVE how the iron work looks so spindly and the brass knobs are so big.
Plenty of work still to be done in this room!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My 'Studio'

No, it's not a dollhouse it's my real house!
I thought I'd show you my 'studio'...which is really just the sunporch at the front of our house but 'studio' makes it sound much more grand.
Hubby and I have been fighting for possession of this room for years now but I think I've finally won and it's all mine!
I made those wooden houses on the window sill a couple of years ago.
The table came from my brothers old house. The previous owners had left it there.
I found the little chest of drawers at a second hand shop they were unpainted and falling to bits but hubby fixed it up!
The table the big dollhouse is on was oudoors...until I realised it was exactly the right size.

I had an idea of what I wanted to cover the table with and couldn't believe it when I actually found what I wanted. It looks very Cath Kidston but it's not - which means I could afford it!
I bought the chair years ago at a church fair for $2.

The Greengate tin on the end at the right was at an outlet store here in NZ. The tins were very expensive so I asked if they had any damaged ones and they showed me that one which had one side all pushed in. As they only wanted $2 for it I bought it...and we all I know I'm good at fixing squashed things!
The pink flowery box is covered with the most beautiful wrapping paper that Sylvia wrapped her gifts in.
The blue box I covered with 'Cath Kidston' wrapping paper. I cut the logo off the edge of the paper and stuck it on the front of the box.
The box on the left end of the table is covered in 'Pip Studio' papers and was made for me by Karin.
I told Sylvia I was planning to fill the room with flowery things and she sent me a huge parcel of the most wonderful goodies including this gorgeous floral cushion.
It looks perfect with the table!

And here is the most beautiful cup that Sylvia sent me, Liberty loves it too!

Another gift from Sylvia was this gorgeous little tin - there are a few minis for my next project hiding in there!

And there was also this fabulous Dutch recipe file.

And this hilarious little tin sign!

So there's my little's VERY small but it's all mine!
I haven't quite finished making it all pretty.
I'll show you the other end of the room another day - when I get around to sorting it out!
                   And here's something else that showed up in the mail.
Two of the most fabulous, inspirational magazines! They were sent to me by Debra of Loyalist Cottage.
We'd given up all hope of Debra's package arriving here - it took three months to come from Canada!

Debra also sent this gorgeous Mary Englebreit book for Liberty. It has a whole set of the cutest paper dolls with it.
Thank you Debra!

More from the mini world coming soon!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Outside the Shabby House

Thank you once again for all the lovely comments on the shabby cottage downstairs, you really make my day!
Here we have the outside of the house.

Fabulous orange made by Susanna.
Jug of tulips made by me.

Weather vane made by me!!

Tub of flowers made by Hanna.
Orchid a gift from Kim.

Topiary trees in pots which I 'shabbied' were a gift from Sophia.
Shutter made by Sylvia.

Flowers and rusty things made by me.

Tin pitcher made by Sylvia.

Perfectly shabby package made by Eva.

I made the coal box on the side of the house to hide the plug where all the electrical wires meet.

Through the kitchen window.

Through the dining window.


Thanks for taking the time to look around, I hope you've all enjoyed the tour!
And once again a huge thank you to all the friends who have sent me so many wonderful things to make this little house a home.
I'm sure we'll be back visiting the shabby cottage from time to time, no home (big or small!) is really ever finished!