Thursday, September 8, 2011

A little French inspired roombox

I made this little roomboxand everything in it for a friend's birthday.
She loves French things!
It's very small and was quite hard to photograph.

I think the box was once a photo box, Liberty found it in the rubbish collection!
This last photo was taken before it was finished.

Lately I haven't been making minis so much, I've been working on things in the real house...and Liberty's playhouse...much more to show you soon!

I am very happy to tell you my dear friend Sabiha, who is not only a very talented miniaturist, she is also an interior decorater, has a blog called 'Lifestyle Interiors' and she is having a fabulous giveaway!

Visit her blog to participate!

And I must thank you all for your lovely comments on Liberty's birthday party.
 I think I'll print them out to show her when she's a teenager, lol!