Wednesday, August 8, 2012

'Party in Paris' - Liberty's 8th Birthday!

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Liberty's 8th birthday.
This year she wanted a Paris party...I was only too happy to oblige!
These are the invitations I made...

   The invitation strip pulls out of the side of the box and can be wound up again at the top of the box.
The details were also on the back of the box.

All wrapped up and ready to be delivered by hand.
I love this picture of Liberty. I made it into a poster for the party.
We turned our lounge into a Parisian café for the party.

I made a glittery, vintage style 'bon anniversaire' banner.
The guests (11 girls and two boys) made pipe cleaner Eiffel Towers...

...and they made Eiffel Tower collages.
I had covered the boards already and cut out all the pieces, they just had to glue them on. 
I gave everyone a little bag to hold and played a CD with the story of Madeline.
Every time they heard the name 'Madeline' they had to pass their bag to the person next to them.
They opened the bags at the end of the story.

I made little street sign name tags with pegs on the back for everyone.   
                  The girls made bracelets with glass pearls and Parisian charms.
  And the boys made wooden Eiffel Towers from kitsets.
I made all the decorations, I just love those ruffle streamers!

I made macarons!!
The Eiffel tower cookies were extremely popular.
I piped royal icing flowers on top of sugar lumps...very hard to stop at eating just one!
I bought an Eiffel Tower chocolate mould and my friend Pauline made the chocolates for me.
Drink bottles labelled with an image from the 'Graphics Fairy'.
The kids really enjoyed being in the café!
We played the 'Amélie' soundtrack to add some French atmosphere.

 Liberty asked for a ruffle cake with blue icing.
After watching a tutorial on YouTube I made her one.
She said it was exactly what she was thinking of!

I made a little snowy Paris in a bottle for a take home gift. 
The guests all posed wearing a beret and holding a baguette by a Paris street sign.
 (The sign was bought at Typo).
Liberty and her cousin Hope with my wonderful friend Pauline...
who is always there when I need her - and I really needed her that day!
Liberty and her little cousin Mia.

The party bags to take their bits'n'pieces home in.

Each guest took a mini baguette home.
Liberty and Rosa.

I was up after midnight icing these Eiffel Tower cookies.
I've iced a lot of cookies this year but these were by far the most labour intensive!
...but worth the effort!
I found the perfect present for my little artiste!
'Doodling in French' by Anna Corba is the most adorable book.

The end of the day.

Happy 8th Birthday to my little Parisan Party Princess!

...and she's already planning next years party!!