Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Picnic in the Park!

It is almost the end of summer here in New Zealand but the weather this week has been hotter than ever.
So this morning before Liberty left for school I told her I would take her and her two little cousins for a picnic in the park after school.

I look after these two sweet little cousins four days a week.
We also had cupcakes but they were eaten in a flash!

Two older people walked past and were thrilled to see we were having a 'real' picnic, lol!

This little sweetheart is almost two...she wanted to see more of the park!
So we walked to the Winter Gardens.

There was a large group of tourists from China in the Winter Gardens and they all wanted to have their photo taken with us!

At one stage about twenty tourists were taking photos of us! 
They were enchanted with my three little blondes.
I told Liberty that's what it felt like to be a rock star!!

It was a fun way to break the after school monotony...I see more picnics in the future.

Back home for ice blocks!

I found the super cute tin picnic basket on sale at Typo this morning!