Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another year older...

Today is my birthday!
This is my favourite photo from Christmas Day, today the weather has not been so nice.
The plan was to party at the beach but that has been put off until tomorrow.
I've had a lovely day, in spite of the rain and howling wind, and received some spectacular gifts!

This beautiful notice board was made by Sabiha.
It's real life size in case you're wondering!

This fabulous cushion cover came from Sylvia.

Liberty is enjoying the cushion too!

And from hubby...a funny little table.
I know you're wondering what sort of husband gives his wife a table like that?!
Well...he found it on the side of the road the week before Christmas, lol!
He tried very hard to restore it before Christmas but didn't quite make it...
so, as times are tough, it became my birthday/Christmas gift.

I think you'll agree he did an awesome restoration job!
The table is an odd height - too high for a coffee table and too low for a hall table.
It has a drawer in each end.
The plan is to find some castors to give it a little more height.
We did see some castors today but they were $23 each, I just laughed as I left the shop!

I LOVE the way the tabletop has turned out!

The giant candlestick and little tin candlehouse were from Sylvia and the perfect bird candle came from my friend Freddy.

Beautiful glass cake stand came from my brothers wife and she made the most delicious hazelnut meringues.
I ate far more of those than I should have!

From one of hubby's sisters - some gorgeous coasters.
For Christmas hubby took Liberty to my favourite shop - Bed, Bath and Table - and let her choose a present for me. I drag Liberty into that shop far more often than she likes. 
After considering everything in the shop Liberty carefully selected this tin sign.
She told her daddy she just knew I would LOVE it!
And I do love it, but even more so because it was specially chosen by her!

Thank you for all the birthday messages I have received, you've all made my day wonderful!

Now, I think I hear the last of those meringues calling me...


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day 2010


From  my family to yours -
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A shabby little Christmas with Mr Nylon!

After buying himself a coffee Mr Nylon entered the cottage and found himself in a room filled with shabby Christmas delight!
'Hmmm, not exactly my cup of tea', he thought, 'but I'm sure there would be some that would like it. Best thing about this place is that it's quiet.'

Cookies by Kim Saulter.

Cinnamon scrolls by Kim Saulter.

After taking a good look at his shabby surroundings Bri made himself as comfortable as he could on the pretty couch.
Looking rather pleased with himself he enjoyed a good magazine and his coffee in peace until he realised that something wasn't quite right.
'Maybe it's just a little too quiet', he thought...

Christmas cookies by Kim Saulter.

Advent calendar made by Maia.

Bri rushed back home to the welcoming arms of his (rather forgiving) family.

But where's the baby you ask?

Baby Peach is crawling as fast as she can when she spies a Christmas decoration on the floor.
That's no toy for a baby! I hear you say...oh, well, I guess it's not going to be peaceful for long!

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

It wouldn't be Christmas without a little drama would it?!

Thank you for all your Christmas wishes, I hope you all have a very happy Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Country Christmas with Mr Nylon!

Mr Bri Nylon, his wife Silky and their children, Molly, James and baby Peach
would like to wish you all a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mrs Nylon and the children have been busy getting the house ready for Christmas...looks like they might have done a bit of shopping at the barn, lol!

Snowglobe and wreath (below) were made by Susanna.

Food made by Debbie and Sabiha.

Angel from Sylvia.

Boxed decorations from Susanna.

And here is Mrs Nylon today trying desperately to get her Christmas baking done.
But her unruly children are making it almost impossible!

'Where is Bri when you need him', she thinks.

After days of rain Bri is making the most of a little morning sunshine on the front porch. He's looking very calm and relaxed...until he discovers there's a plant gowing in his coffee cup!
(He's the sort of man who prefers a good cup of coffee instead of an artfully arranged Christmas display)
Mr Nylon thinks it's time he got away from all this Christmas chaos.

Bri decides to take a stroll down the street...
And what has he found?
A charming little cottage and it doesn't even look too Christmassy from out here.

Feeling a little like Goldilocks Mr Nylon tries the door handle...

To be continued...