Sunday, April 21, 2019

Easter in the Farmhouse

I've had so much fun making things and decorating the farmhouse for Easter.

My fabulously talented friend Kim Saulter made the beautiful rose topped cake.
I made polymer clay Easter Eggs... that's about the extent of my abilities with clay!

The bunny tin was asking to be made!

Overflowing with pretty coloured eggs!

Dyed eggs for breakfast at the farmhouse.

The little hutch dresser was too tricky to photograph in the farmhouse.

So I put it in the real hutch dresser. 
It looks like it belongs right there amongst my ever growing collection (it's not hoarding if it sparks joy, right??) of vintage pastel coloured china.

It's autumn here in New Zealand.
These are the last of the summer roses from my garden.
The chick tablecloth was a very lucky op shop find.

Once again the chick cookies got baked...and eaten!

I hope you're all having a lovely (and pretty!) Easter.