Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mail from Denmark!

Recently I was thrilled to be the very lucky winner of Susanne's giveaway at her blog 'Miniature Dreams'.
I chose for Susanne to make me some 'French Antique' minis and these are the gorgeous things she sent me.

I LOVE her style!

A perfectly tiny little spray bottle.

Susanne also put some 'Princess Shabby' in the package.
She must have known how much I loved these exquisite little cushions when I first saw them on her blog.
I have the perfect place in mind for all these little treasures...

Thank you so much Susanne!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I built a Barn!

A few months ago I told my miniaturist friend Anne that I wanted to build a barn.
Anne consulted some books, discussed architectural details with her hubby and drew up some plans.

Then we started building. That's Anne (happy in her work!).
Anne is just the most phenomenal and lovely miniaturist.

Anne had some old cedar strips that had been lying in her shed for 20 years, she let me use them for the barn, it gives it a real vintage feel. All the newer wood I painted to match the cedar.

The stairs I bought a long time ago, I just aged them.
The arched window in the back was given to me by a sweet little old lady at our club (I doubt she ever thought it would be used in a barn!).

Here's Anne's husband, Derek - the builiding inspector.
He kept a very close eye on our building methods!
 It's 1:12 scale but built just like a real building.
The inspector won't give me a certificate of compliance until it has more bracing, lol!

Anne made the rectangle window and helped me build the door from scratch.

I've been going to Anne's house every now and then for the past few months to work on the barn.

Once we had built the 'bones' of the barn Anne sent it home with me to do the exterior.
It was a bit scary to be working on my own.
But one Friday a couple of weeks ago I just told myself to 'get it done'.
So I spent a day cladding the outside.
Anne and Derek loved the end result - for me that was a great compliment!

I still have to make the roof flashings.

So far I've only made the loft lights (and they work!!)

There's still a few details to be finished but I thought you might like to see it.
Soon I'll show you what's going inside, for me that's the real fun part!


Monday, September 6, 2010

A scene in a little birdcage

Here's a little something I made for Sabiha's birthday.
The cage is 11cm (4 and a half inches) high.

It wasn't until I finished it that I realised I made EVERYTHING in the cage myself!

Thank you to all the people who have emailed asking about the earthquake that occured here in New Zealand at 4:35 on Saturday morning. I live a long way from where the quake hit and no effects were felt here.
The quake registered 7.1 on the Richter scale and the devastation it caused in Christchurch (NZ's second largest city) is unbelievable you can see pics here.
Many historic buildings have been destroyed.
But the most incredible thing is that no one died, which is really amazing when you see the destruction.