Sunday, July 25, 2010

Six Years Old Today!

Six years old and more gorgeous every day!

We had a Carnival Party at home with 10 of her friends.
The idea to have a Carnival came from Christine at 'This and That Creations'.

Liberty was very helpful when it came to decorating the cupcakes. The coloured marshmallows and candles were sent to us all the way from Holland by Sabiha!

I had my hubby help me make some vintage style carnival games.

The children all made paper bag puppets.
I didn't get a picture of them!
There's one of the party bags (in the background) that they were able to put all their prizes in.

I personalised little notepads for all the party guests.

We made these cookies for Liberty to take to school for her class.

The cake was very hastily iced this morning but Liberty loved it!
I can't believe she's six already!
(one extremely tired mother!)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cupcakey goodness in the mail!

I had a wonderful surprise when I opened our mailbox the other day. A little 'package of goodness' from Saucy.
Saucy has a blog full of fun called 'Saucy's Sprinkles', she showed some of these pretty cards on her blog and said they were available at 'Michaels'. The artwork on the cards is by Jenny and Aaron (I LOVE their work). As there is no Michaels here in NZ Saucy sent this package full of GORGEOUS surprises to me!!
We'd both given up all hope of them arriving as the package took almost 3 months to get here from Canada! (Sound familiar Debra?)
I have big plans for using some of these little pretties in the 'cupcake corner' of my kitchen.

Thank you Saucy, you made our day!
Liberty has been drawing cupcakes ever since your package arrived, this is my favourite one. There is a little beret on the left and that's a bicycle going up the side of the frosting because she saw the 'tour de France' on the news last week and of course the Eiffel tower.

Now I have to make a few dozen real cupcakes...there's a Carnival party happening here in the weekend!

Ah, yes, the world needs more cupcakes!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Monsieur Nylon à la Petite Maison

Mr Nylon arrived at the Petite Maison a little weary after his long journey but he thought a spot of tennis might be just the thing to invigorate him. He was happily greeted by 'Buttons' the Maison dog.

Mr Nylon wasn't too sure of how welcome he would be at the Petite Maison so he thought he'd bring their mail to the front door.

Upon finding the door unlocked he went in and found himself in the most beautiful entrance hall. He noticed the quality of the craftsmanship of the perfectly handpainted floor tiles immediately.
He was feeling rather hungry after his long journey and not knowing much about what goes on in a kitchen he suddenly realised he should have perhaps brought the wife with him.

However, upon entering the kitchen he was more than pleasantly surprised to find a feast all laid out on the table waiting for him.
He admired the exquisite Spode dinnerset in the dresser in the stunning kitchen...'perhaps it's just as well I didn't bring Silky with me after all...she would have had great kitchen envy after seeing this room' he thought.

He then took a cup of tea to the 'salon', the grandest room he has ever seen!
Every carefully placed object seems to have been chosen by someone with the most exquisite taste.

Feeling a little tired he took his copy of 'Le Monde' and retired to the bedroom.
'Ooh, la, la! I really should have brought the wife', he thought as he sank into the luxurious brass and iron bed - Mrs Nylon has long wanted a bed just like that.

Mr Nylon found a perfect dressing room next to the master bedroom with a floor rug that looked vaguely familiar to him. 'Hmmm, if I got rid of a couple of kids I could have a room like this in my own house', he thought.

Upon exploring further into the upper reaches of the house he found the cosiest little attic room where he was offered a glass of the finest port.
'Ahhhh, yes', he thought, 'this is the life, those French people really know how to live! Even the attic oozes charm and style!'

It was with a heavy heart that Mr Nylon left the Petite Maison.
He truly appreciated being made so welcome, it was a holiday he will never forget and he promises he will take his wife next time!

Back home again with his wonderful memories Mr Nylon regales his children with tales of his adventures in the Petite Maison.
Mrs Nylon just can't seem to find the time to sit down and listen to him.

'Hmmm, that rug on the floor looks vaguely familiar'...

A HUGE THANK YOU to dear Linda, I think we both had just as much fun as Mr Nylon did at the
Petite Maison.

Monday, July 5, 2010

My trip to Tasmania

My all too short trip to Tasmania was fantastic!

I went with hubby as he had to go there on business.
Our flight from New Zealand was delayed and we almost missed the overnight ferry to Tasmania.We were the last people on the boat and it left as soon as we were on.
The cabin on the boat was tiny, wouldn't want to be in there with three other people, could barely move with just hubby there! I hardly slept a wink that night, the sea was quite rough and I kept thinking I was going to fall out of bed.

Tasmania has the most amazing scenery. There were the most beautiful old stone houses all through the countryside. As hubby was working and was in a hurry I didn't have time to take many photos. The best houses were the tumbledown ones, I sighed every time we drove past one (and there were LOTS of them!).

On Wednesday we drove from Launceston to Hobart and hubby dropped me off at Linda Carswell's house.
I had the BEST day ever with Linda.
Here I am with her spectacular 'Petite Maison'...which is not that petite at all!

Linda is the loveliest, most generous person and she spoiled me rotten.
We had the most divine friands for morning tea at Linda's house and then she took me out for a delicious lunch.

We talked and laughed all day.
And we made some gorgeous roses!!!
Linda thinks I work like a machine because I made seven roses to her three...but as any mother with young children knows - you have to make the most of every child-free minute!

I found a little shop full of French things in Hobart and I bought an Eiffel Tower cookie cutter. Liberty was so excited! We had to bake first thing Saturday morning.

And here's our first attempt at Eiffel Tower cookies.

And here's one little girl that was so happy to see me when I got back!
I bought her that lovely twirly tulle skirt that she's been wearing everyday since I returned.

And just so you know Linda really does exist, here we are together at the end of our day.
My day with Linda just seems like a dream now, it was all over too quickly. But hubby has promised to take me back next year, yippeeee!! Hopefully for longer as Linda and I have much more to do and talk about!

Mr Nylon enjoyed his trip too...just wait 'til you see his photos!