Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pretty Pastels in the Farmhouse and the Real House

Pastel coloured things just make me happy!

This little hutch and it's pastel goodies are in the Farmhouse kitchen.

This hutch is in my real house.
I've been collecting the china for a few years. I tried to fill the hutch with it a couple of years ago but I didn't have I do!

I can't keep the little hutch in the Farmhouse kitchen yet because I'm still working on the house and if I leave things in there they just keep getting knocked over - of course I found that out the hard way!

The little hutch in the life size hutch!

The china is all old English - mostly by Johnson Brothers and Grindley. Most of it I've found at  Op Shops in the last few years. The green coloured china is very hard to come by here. The green cup, saucer and square plate were a birthday gift from a  fabulous friend!

I found a very vintage postcard from Marseille in an Op shop last week and the colours look perfect with the china.

That's some of Kim's perfect mini food.
Her little creations make me happy...I miss that girl every day I'll get back to the USA.

I smile every time I look at the hutch.
Even my minimalist hubby is happy with it because he thinks it 'looks less busy' than it did when it was filled with floral china. - that's a bonus: vintage china from the op shop isn't usually something that keeps the hubby happy!