Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Working on La Maisonnette exterior

This was the first building I ever built when I joined a Miniatures club that happened to meet 
once a month just around the corner from my house. 
When I joined the club they were building a row of Victorian shops for their biennial show. 
It was a good way to learn the basics of miniature building.
It also made me realise I never want to make or glue hundreds of sandpaper bricks ever again!
And there's the delightful Liberty when she was two and a half years old back in 2007. 
Time really does fly!
In 2011 I changed the building into a bakery.
However there's not a lot of room in my real house for more dollhouses and the bakery needed a revamp so...
Time to add another floor and get renovating.
I was more than ready to get rid of the bricks.
I followed the instructions in Lea Frisoni's book to build the top floor.
Yes, it was annoying making all the tiles for the roof but I'm glad I did it.
Removing the bricks left a nice textured effect on the walls.
I boarded up the side window but I still wanted it to look like there had been a window there.
That's the original front door.
I just added a fancy panel.
I'd always wanted a house with a dormer window.
It was very tricky to get the angles right but where there's a will there's a way!
When I originally built the house I added a spouting and was able to re-use it.
I also had the trim under the spouting lying around...Like I've said before - things just turn up here!
The bakery will still be in the ground floor.
The wonderful Kim Saulter gave me the exquisite stained glass 'Patisserie' window.
The beginnings of the outside door on the second floor which will be the entry to the maisonnette.
This door is currently in the garage waiting for my husband to drill holes in it to make it swing the opposite direction to how it was built. It seems to have been languishing in the garage for quite some time...might have to tell him I'll use the drill myself - that'll get him moving!
Doo-dakkies glued to the front.
Doo-dakkies are incredibly useful little bits 'n' pieces and it's 
very lucky that I have so many lying around the place!
I've made the very top pointy part of the roof but I can't fix it in place until I've done the lighting.
It was a nightmare to figure out all the angles.
And here it is so far...lots more to do.
I need more rainy Sundays!

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Creating a Table and Chairs for La Salon

After searching through my miniature hoard 'stash' I decided to make a table and chairs from scratch for the Salon.
I probably could have found a table and chairs that would fit there but sometimes 
I just feel like making stuff!😂 
For the chairs I looked at the instructions in Lea Frisoni's book. 
I didn't have everything that she used to make her beautiful chairs but I was able to improvise. 

Do what you can with what you have!

Cardboard, toothpicks, thin cord and jump rings!
I've had that fabric for a long time. 
This just seemed the right time to use it.
When I started out I was going to make two chairs at the same time 
but it was challenging working on just one chair. 
I almost didn't want to make another one but
I laboured through. 
The legs on one are a little wonkier than the other...that's usually how things work out here!
Table time!
Actually I made the table first but the pictures ended up the wrong way around in the blog post.
I liked the size of the little table that Kim Saulter sent me years ago so
I measured the table top around it.
That piece that looks like a pedestal just somehow turned up here.
Things like that just seem to happen!
That little black cap I attached under the table top just happened to fit perfectly on the top of the pedestal!!!
A little stain and paint.
Somehow I ended up with the colour I wanted.
et voilà
Tiny things bring me great joy!

I hope you're all having a good week and thanks for stopping by to join me on the Maisonnette journey!

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Un miroir pour la cheminée

Mirror, mirror on the wall...
Uh, oh!!!!!
This week I was searching for just the right mirror to go above the fireplace.
Everything crashing down like that has happened so many times.
The only place I was searching was through all the stuff I have.
This was my first option but after surfing the web (for quite some time)
 I decided the mirror needed to be taller.
I found this one but it was a bit  too tall. 
So...I went at it with my trusty craft knife,
it was unfortunate that it broke in the middle.
However, it went back together ok.
I'm happy with the result.
It fits the space.
It's grand but not overwhelmingly grand!
The fireplace needed to be a tiny bit higher so I added a dark marble base for it to sit on.
It's not quite finished.
And because you asked Shannon...the paint finish on the couch did look ok in the daylight!
And you said you avoid painting things in bad light but funnily enough 
I sometimes think things turn out better when I paint in bad light! 😂
So here's the space without the kitchen walls.
Now I'm working on just the right sort of little coffee table.
I'm enjoying seeing this room coming together one piece of furniture at a time!

I already want to live in this little house...and have all of you visit me there!

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Building Furniture for La Salon

As the Salon is such a small space I'm going to have to build most of the furniture from scratch. 
As usual I'm just using what I have.
The process starts with a very quick sketch of an idea.
Things don't always end up like the we'll just see how it goes.
I find it easier to use cardboard rather than wood, no fancy cardboard, just whatever is lying around.
The legs came off a funny looking chair I had no use for.
A coat of paint always makes a difference.
Decided it needed a few extra bits.
Legs fell off..LOL!!
Sometimes (er, most times) I rush the making and paint before the glue is properly set and everything falls apart. 
A bit of aging. 
However it's night time as I'm working on this and 
it might need a little less aging once I see it in daylight.
Well, that almost ended in disaster! 
I was getting the fabric ready to glue in place when I knocked over my cup of paint water!!! "#@!%*^%#@*" Fortunately nothing got damaged. Just a lot of little things to be moved and a tonne of water to mop up. 
And now I realise how badly my desk needs to be tidied! 
Oh, well, that can wait til tomorrow...

et voilà !
I wasn't going to take pics of it in the house because there are no lights yet and like I said it's night time here but the pics worked!
Can't wait to see it in daylight tomorrow.
Then I'll know what adjustments need to be made...or if I need to start again.

Thank you all so much for the comments you leave, you really make my day. 
Your advice and input is greatly appreciated! 
Writing these blog posts is pushing me to get things done. 
So glad you're on 'La Maisonnette' journey with me!