Wednesday, August 25, 2021

La Maisonnette Kitchen

Welcome to a very tiny kitchen!
This little space has been quite a challenge.
No room for appliances in this compact space!

And as you can see from the pic above,  I've used the space right to the very edge of the Maisonette.
I should have probably built that cupboard a bit smaller but clearly measuring isn't a great skill of mine!

Originally I made a marble benchtop but it didn't look right so close to the marble fireplace.

I was making the hole in the benchtop to fit this bowl but the bowl looked too new. 
I prefer a slightly grungy, lived-in, vintage vibe.

You knew there'd be pipework!

I searched everywhere for a better bowl for the sink.
This little bottle of 'stuff' was sitting on my windowsill. 
It was with my mother's art things when she died. I kept it because it was cute.

I had looked at the lid as a possible sink many times and eventually when I couldn't find anything else I tried it in the hole and of course...

it was a perfect fit!
Thanks Mum! xxx

Like I said the kitchen is compact and there's not much storage,
so I made a shelf for above the sink.

There's a pretty pic of the kitchen a couple of weeks ago...but things are always changing!
There's always another idea...

I had the idea to make an old fireplace mantel shelf to go on the other side of the kitchen.
And I thought a French kitchen needed vintage canisters, so I just made those too.

But once I'd made it I decided it looked better here above the sink.
And you may have noticed that in this pic I've added a cupboard door...just because it was too hard to fill the cupboard!

I saw a real life table like this on the internet and I just had to make it in miniature.

This time I measured better!

There's only a little hotplate for cooking here.
I figure as there's going to be a patisserie downstairs the tiny occupants won't need to cook much!

And there you have the kitchen!

We're in Covid lockdown here in New Zealand again because the Delta variant was discovered in the community.
So you know what that means for me - more mini making time!
I'm working on the patisserie already.