Saturday, June 28, 2014

Time for a change?

I was being very lazy this morning (it's Saturday here) sitting on the couch flicking through Kim's beautiful book.
Kim's minis always inspire me...and I've decided it might be time for a makeover in the Country House.
The Country kitchen as it is now.
There are plenty of things that annoy me about this house. For one: it is a big and heavy house and it takes up a lot of room in my tiny craft space. And for another: the configuration of the rooms leaves a lot to be desired. But with a bit of thought (sometimes it's hard to think with kids running around all the time!) I'm sure I can solve a few of my issues.
Every now and then I think I should get rid of it but then I look inside and realise I can't part with it!
It's the house that started me off on my mini-making adventures...and what amazing adventures I have had!
So now I'm thinking it's time for a complete makeover...a new look!
Watch this space...I'm excited!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Miniature Party for One!

When I went to visit Kim she gave me this gorgeous little Bonnie Justice doll as a gift for Liberty.
Luckily Liberty agreed as soon as she saw her that she should reside in the party room above the Patisserie.

I bought the balloons in the USA and attached them to her chair.
All the food in this room was made for us by the super talented Kim!

Rice Krispie Treats!

Cake pops and cookies!
Hmmm...she looks a little lonely...we might have to look for some friends someday!

I always make tissue paper pompoms for the real parties I style so I thought I'd make them for the mini party...they were very fiddly and took far longer to make than the life size ones!

 Isn't she just divine?!

She came with the beautiful chair. 

A peek through the window.
The party girl has found her home!