Friday, May 28, 2010

Downstairs in the Shabby house

          Firstly let me thank you all for taking the time to leave such lovely comments on the shabby bedroom post.
Today the tour takes you around the ground floor which contains the kitchen, lounge and dining areas.
         Shabby couch made by me.
Footstool embroidered by Rosanna.

Mail made by Katie.
Chocolates made by Sabiha.

Chocolate box made by Sabiha.
Petit point slippers embroidered by Sandi Quance.

Rose picture a gift from Carolyn.

My favourite shelf!

Lamp shade made by my friend Anne many years ago.
Anne helped me turn it into a standard lamp.

Table made by me.
I modified some kitset chairs.

           Picture from Linda.
Shelf from Sylvia.
Eiffel tower I painted was a gift from Sans.

                           Petit point embroidered tea cosy from Sandi Quance.
Cupcakes made by Christel Jensen.
Cookies and doughnuts made by Kim Saulter.
Jug and flowers made by me.

                          Eiffel tower picture from Sylvia.

The kitchen corner.
Tin on floor made by Sylvia.

                         Cupcake sign and plate and jam made by Carolyn.
Blue jug made by Sylvia.
Teeny, tiny whisk made by Sabiha.
I made the rest!

Notice board made by me.

Hutch I remodelled was a gift from Kim Saulter.

Eggcups and candlestick from Sylvia.
Rose picture from Linda.
Suitcase made by me.

Plates from Hanna and Kim.

Roses tin from Carolyn.

The junk drawer, every home has one!

Here's what's in the boxes in the bottom of the hutch.
Christmas decoration shoes made by Sabiha.

Box of Christmas baubles made by Lissu.

                   Coffee table and vase of roses made by me.

Macaroons made by Stephanie Kilgast.

Tiny basket of knitting made by Sabiha.
All of Rachel Ashwell's books can be found in this house!

Oh, you'd like a better look at the Paris case?!

  You knew there'd be something inside didn't you?

Just a few mementos of Paris.

                         I hope you've enjoyed the tour, it's been fun showing you around!
Once again I owe a huge thank you to all the wonderful friends who have sent me so many beautiful things.
The final part of the tour will be coming soon!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The finished Shabby Bedroom

  Welcome to the first stop on the Shabby Cottage tour.
I'm going to do the tour in three posts because I took so many photos when the sun was shining the other day.
So here we have the Shabby Bedroom.

Tea anyone?
Cookies made by Kim Saulter.
Delicate teacup from Linda.
Teapot made by me.

Bedside table and pitcher made by Sylvia.
Doily from Debbie.

Roses made by me!

What's in the drawer?

A diary, letters and postcards.

Vintage mail and slippers made by Linda.
Rug made by me.

Wooden doll with moveable arms and legs made by Sabiha.

Robe and bed made by me.

A French chair from Linda which I made shabby.
Table made by me.
Frames on wall made by Sabiha.

  Spectacular buttercream rose cupcake made by Kim.

  Jewelery box made by my friend Anne.
Jewelery made by me.

Glass bottle a gift from Benedetta.

Sewing basket and doll made by me.
Picture from Linda, artwork by Christie Repasy.

Wash stand was made from a kitset sent to me by Sylvia.
Pitcher made by Sylvia.
Urn and containers made by me.
Mirror and baby picture from Sylvia.

Bed and bedding made by me.

Picture from Linda, artwork by Christie Repasy.
Curtain made by me.

Pansies made by Sylvia.

Wardrobe made by me.
Metal container made by Sylvia.

Dresses all made by me.

What's hiding beside the wardrobe?
A palette and painting made by Sabiha.

What's under the bed?

Paints, brushes and tape made by Sabiha.

Hope you've enjoyed the tour.

Check back in a few days to see the rest of the cottage.

I owe a huge thanks to all the wonderful friends who have given me the most beautiful minis to use in the shabby cottage.
Click on their names to be taken to their wonderful blogs.

Thanks for stopping by!