Monday, September 24, 2018

A better bed for the attic room

You may remember from my earlier post about this room (or you may have forgotten because after all it was quite some time ago!) I was never happy with the bed I originally had in here.

 I realised this room was crying out for an iron bed.
 So I played with some wire and beads and exercised some great patience to make a new, old looking bed.

A red velvet chair like this was in a big bag of dollhouse furniture I was lucky enough to find at an op shop!
The style was right but the red velvet and mahogany had to go...

    The chair was transformed with a little paint and fabric.

Finding something tiny enough to use as upholstery nails was a challenge...but you know I enjoy a challenge!

It was my good fortune to find the cutest box of vintage 'Lilliputian' pins at an op shop.

 The bed cover is an exquisite vintage handkerchief. 
I've purposely made the bed look a little lumpy and lived's supposed to be an old bed after all.

Luckily the handkerchief was the perfect size for the bed.
I don't like it when I have to cut vintage handkerchiefs up!

 There's some old paper above the bed.

Time to fill the shelves in this room...