Thursday, August 26, 2010

Balustrade Candlesticks

I'd love to have some of these in real life.

Giant candlesticks made from old stair balustrades.

But because I haven't seen any real life ones here I thought I'd make them in mini!

I was a very lucky girl to recieve this in the mail from Sylvia the other day.
How cute is that card?!

Incredible work! I especially love that tiny bag.
It would seem there is nothing Sylvia cannot do!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mr Nylon gets a gift!

Bri Nylon is a very happy chappy!
Look at the fabulous gift he received in the mail last week - a lawn mower!
Sent to him especially, all the way from America by Kim Saulter.

Bri thought he'd try out the new mower in the garden.
"Sacre Bleu!", he exclaims (he still thinks he's at the Petite Maison) as he almost runs over a skipping rope.
"Those %&$# kids, can't they put anything I have to do EVERYTHING myself around here!"

Meanwhile Silky Nylon is admiring the latest renovations to her kitchen.

Newly painted rustic style kitchen cupboards, tiled splashback and butlers sink.
All specially handcrafted by the Nylon's personal decorater.
I know, there's still no oven!

While Mr Nylon is out of the house Mrs Nylon seizes the opportunity to enjoy a little late afternoon treat (beautifully made by Kim).

'Oh, yes, this is the life', she thinks as she enjoys a little peace and solitude, 'if it keeps him out of the house that mower might just be the best thing Bri has ever been given!'

Thank you Kim!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gorgeous Gifts!

Liberty wanted to show you some of the prettiest and sweetest things she got for her birthday.
This super sized cookie arrived in the mail all the way from the USA from Kim Saulter.

The very long dog and the world's cutest towel came from Sylvia in Holland.

The prettiest stationery came from Liberty's Dutch friend Ilayda.

And this adorable little vintage look puzzle came from Sabiha in Holland.

But imagine my surprise (and great joy!) to find gifts for me with Liberty's birthday presents!

Sabiha sent me these pretty things for my studio.
I LOVE those little cups!

And here are some gorgeous gifts from Sylvia. That beautiful notebook has a picture of her miniature atelier on the cover.

Sylvia made the sweet little birdhouse and the cushion (is there anything that woman can't do?! LOL!)
And she sent me that spectacular little trumpet made by 'Art of Mini'.

Thank you all for brightening our rainy days!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bohemian Birdcages

      I've been wanting to make these little pretties for quite some time.
The pink birdcage has been languishing on my work table half finished for weeks now.
Today we had terrible weather (again!), hubby went out and the kids were happily occupied so I set to work on these.

This one started out as a little white cage that I bought.

The pretty paper on the roof came from the paper Sylvia wrapped Liberty's birthday present in.
Liberty is a very good, careful girl when it comes to unwrapping gifts because she knows I love pretty paper!

And this was a little gold cage that I bought a while ago.
Just for a change I thought I'd 'verdigris' it and I quite like the effect!

I love that there is a little opening door on this one.

And this little lovely started out as a few bit's'n'pieces I had lying around!

All in a rainy morning's work!

And a HUGE thank you for all Liberty's birthday wishes, she knows so much more about the world because of you!