Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Thrifty Apron for Liberty

Liberty LOVES to bake!
So I thought I should make her a pretty apron.

It really all started with this funny little chair I found at an Op shop for just $2.
You may be wondering how buying that chair led me to making an apron...

Well, you see, this super sweet fabric was covering the cushion on the chair when I bought it.
I didn't want the chair at all, just this piece of fabric!
I was surprised to find the chair cushion still had the original fabric on it.
I've had the fabric lying around for about 18 months...I finally decided it was time to get sewing.
A friend gave me the pretty striped fabric and the buttons came off Liberty's old clothes.

No pattern...I just made it up as I went!
I've said it before but sometimes I really surprise myself with what I can do.

I bought those super gorgeous measuring cups and spoons and the cupcake cookie cutters and rolling pin for Liberty for her 6th birthday.
The spatula we bought later, I took her to a kitchen shop and let her choose it, she had a great time!
The sweet little jigsaw puzzle came from Sabiha.

My happy little baker - dancing with delight!

And that little $2 chair...
after washing and repairing the original cushion I sold it on an auction website for $34. LOL!!
So that's got to be the thriftiest apron ever!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


 The postie has been kept very busy delivering beautiful mini's to my home.
This gorgeous tiny box of cookies was a swap gift from Naomi Machida of 'Noa Miniatures'.

Dessert in ramekin made by Naomi.

Tiny little tart made by Naomi.

Just so you can get some idea of just how tiny that little tart is!

Liberty and I received a box brimming with goodies from Katie in America, at Katies Clay Corner.

Love Katie's little Santa (gorgeous colour too!)
And her handmade candles made it here without melting!

Super cute wooden signs.

Heaps of Mary Englebreit goodies.

Gorgeous fabrics!

And for Liberty, Katie sent even more fabulous bits'n'pieces, all proudly set out for the photo by Liberty herself!
It was like Christmas here!

Wire baskets and wreath from my mini-making friend here in New Zealand, Frederica.

Gorgeous flowers were a giveaway from Titta at 'Tiny Little Life' in Finland.
A very busy mother with two young daughters and a beautiful new baby!

Thank you to everyone!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dollhouse furniture makeovers!

I just felt the need to paint something blue and white.
This furniture came with the big dollhouse when I bought it. 

Here's the only 'before' pic I can find.

I'm loving how it turned out!

This was a new little cupboard with a mirror but I changed it to mesh because like to see what's inside dollhouse cupboards.
Liberty has her eye on all this furniture...there's a special project she's asked me for...but more about that when I get it started...


Friday, October 1, 2010

Adding a little more shabby to the 1:1 lounge!

 Here's my new shabby chic coffee table.

Painted by hubby, distressed by me.

I brought this home from an Op shop a few weeks ago. It was beautiful mahogany (I forgot to take a pic before hubby sanded it). But it had a big crack right down the middle of it so it was only $20!
It was pouring with rain and took me three goes to finally fit it in the car.
I wasn't too sure about how happy hubby would be to see it but much to my surprise he is embracing the shabby lifestyle! (probably because it's cheaper than anything 'new')

 I LOVE my 'new' table!
And I also LOVE the new pitcher sent to me by Sylvia.
Two more furniture transformations are awaiting hubby in the garage!

 And here's a craft project that Sylvia sent to Liberty.
'Paint your own gumboots'!!!!!!
These are the coolest things, if you don't like what you've painted you can wipe the paint off with the special wipes.
And once you've painted them they're waterproof!
 Liberty painted them three times before she was happy with the result.

So much fun!

Thank you Sylvia!!

More on the barn coming soon, lol!