Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mr Nylon in Holland!

Mr Nylon is relaxing in The Netherlands.
 As you can see he has found some very comfortable accomodation.

Who's that going into the most fabulous antique shop?
Yes! Can you believe it, Bri Nylon let his wife come along on this trip with him.

Mrs Nylon isn't the sort of person who sits around relaxing when she's on holiday.
She rarely has time without the kids around so she has to make the most of it.

When there are new shops to explore nothing is going to stop her!
She can hear Bri groaning and moaning but she's decided to just ignore him and enjoy herself.

'I do wish he'd just wander off and entertain himself for a change,' she thinks.

Well, Bri did wander off but he took Silky with him.

Bri found the most enchanting little atelier and thought he might take up painting...nudes of course.
But he couldn't convince Silky to disrobe for him...she was too busy looking at the view and wondering if there might be a suitable place to live around these parts.

Soon enough Silky found the perfect property... 

'Hmmm,' thinks Silky, 'it's a little grubby here to say the least.'
However, she's a hard working woman and she can see the place has huge potential.

Feeling rather worn out after trudging around the streets of Amsterdam Silky finds a cool spot to sit and rest her weary feet while she wonders where Bri has disappeared to.

If she'd only been able to turn her head (she's had a lifelong problem with her neck).

There he is, just lying around again!
'What's a guy got to do to get some entertainment around here?' thinks Bri.

Once he realised no one was going to turn up to entertain him Bri moved on.
He found an abandoned attic with more alcohol lying around than one man should drink in an afternoon. 
He's looking pretty pleased with himself once again...could have something to do with the bottle of vino.

'This could be a cosy place to live,' he thinks (remember he's had a lot to drink)...'with a little cleaning, hmmm, where is that wife of mine?'

On his way to find his wife Bri stumbles (remember ALL that alcohol) into a disused factory...'things sure are in a sorry state around here,' he thinks.

Finally, Bri shows up at the place his wife has chosen as her favourite place to live (although she is considering something a little cleaner).
I'm not so sure Bri is looking too good after all that alcohol!

Yes, we're all having fun in the Netherlands!
Sylvia (chief photographer), Rosanna (photographer's assistant) and I (model management) had much fun with the Nylon's today.

Early tomorrow morning my trip of a lifetime continues as Sylvia, Sabiha and I head to PARIS!!!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Where in the world is Mr Nylon off to?

Hmmm, Mr Nylon's looking pretty pleased with himself...once again... maybe it's just his look.
Looks like he's going somewhere with that suitcase...I wonder if he'll take the wife this time?

I can tell you that Mr Nylon is off to the other side of the world.
In three days time he will be leaving for the Netherlands!!!
I know you're thinking that's an awfully small suitcase for someone to be taking on such a long journey. But I'm sure you know by now that Bri's the type of man who (if he was packing his own bag) wouldn't take anything more than the bare essentials.
And I think we all know his wardrobe is very limited!

On Tuesday night I leave for the trip of a lifetime to visit Sylvia and Sabiha in the Netherlands. Rosanna will also come from Italy to join us for a few days.
It's all happening because months ago my husband saw a half price airfare to Europe and said I HAD to go and visit my friends!
It's just after 5am on Sunday morning here and I've been awake for an hour already!
It's all TOO exciting!!