Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tiny baby things and other gifts!

I was beyond thrilled to recieve this fabulous set of beautifully crocheted babywear in the mail this week.

They were gifts from Susan at 'Minicrochetmad'.
How Susan can crochet anything that tiny is incredible!
Even hubby was speechless when he saw how perfect these things were!

I LOVE baby shoes!

Susan also crocheted this beautiful, fine, tiny doily which has found its way into the shabby house.
Thank you Susan!

Also in the mail this week was this sweet little tiny basket made by Sylvia.

Like me you're probably wondering how a woman having so much trouble with her eyesight can make something so perfectly Sabiha says 'she is amazing'!
Thank you Sylvia!

And these little Greengate beauties were gifts from Carolyn, who I caught up with a few weeks ago at a miniatures convention here in New Zealand.
Thank you Carolyn!

And thank you for all your comments on Liberty's costume, she was thrilled to read them!
(and now she thinks she should have her own blog, lol!)


Monday, November 8, 2010

A little crazy old lady...

Last week was 'book week' at Liberty's school.
On Friday they had to dress up as a character from a book.
Liberty chose to go as 'a crazy old lady called Daisy O'Grady'.

Daisy is a rather witchy character in this book.
I made the costume on Thursday - nothing like a last minute rush.
(the fluffy thing above Liberty's head is a pirate standing behind her, lol!)

This book came free when Scholastic Book Club couldn't fill our order earlier in the year.
It has the most wonderful detailed illustrations.

Liberty's a details girl (funny that!) so it had to be just right!
One of the bead belts came apart just before we left for school and had to be threaded back together in great haste!

Here's Daisy from the book.
Liberty didn't want a hat, she was worried she would put it down somewhere and lose it.

I found some bat stickers in my scrapbooking pile so was able to re-create Daisy's buttons.

Most challenging part was making a fox!
I've had that (synthetic) fur lying around for years...knew I'd need it someday.

I made the coat (top pic) from some fabric that was given to me and only had to buy the dress fabric.
Total cost of the whole outfit was just $6!!! I had everything else.
And another $2 for the can of black hairspray - which was the most important part of the look for Liberty!
Liberty won the prize for the best girls costume in her class!

On Tuesday the teacher read 'The Paper Bag Princess' and the children were all given a paper rubbish bag to make into an outfit of their choice.
I went and helped them - absolute chaos!
This dress was all Liberty's own design.

Here's what she's laughing at - two ducks came to visit us in our backyard today!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An update on the country house

A few weeks ago I was asked to display my dollhouses at a local retirement village.
The country house was in a state of chaos because I'd been changing rooms around.
I hastily sorted it out and made a few new bits of furntiture.
I thought you might like to see how the house looks now (it's not entirely finished).

Cake, rice krispie treats and pancakes are all recently arrived gifts from the awesomely talented Kim Saulter.

 It was a nightmare transporting the houses to the village, I don't like sticking everything down and I went over a bumpy road and heard everthing go flying!
It took me an hour and a half to set everything up again when I got there and I was thinking 'never again'!
However, so many people got to see and enjoy the houses that weekend it made it all worthwhile.
In fact so many people came to look that they had to get extra staff in the village cafe to cater for them, lol!