Thursday, November 19, 2015

Seven years of Book Character Day!

It was Book Character Day at Liberty's school today and this will be her last one as she finishes Primary School this year - I know right - where did the time go?!
This year she chose to be Mary Poppins. 

As it's her last year I thought I'd go back through the ages and show you all her previous characters...

Anne of Green Gables

Alice in Wonderland
The school Principal happened to be quite a terrifying Queen of Hearts!

Miss Trunchbull from 'Matilda'.

I can't remember the name of the book but her baby cousin was her prop!

A crazy old lady called Daisy O'Grady from 'Guess What?'

Princess Dora
I can't believe I didn't take any photos of her on her own!

You can tell she's always loved dressing up. 
The costumes have been more challenging through the years as somehow she's turned out to be a real perfectionist...not sure where that comes from!