Thursday, November 20, 2008

The smallish things in life!

The other day I was at my friend Frederica's work. Freddy and her husband own a factory that makes acoustic tiles. I was sitting at her desk - a great place to sit because they have a lolly jar right there - when I spied what looked like a lovely white frame but which turned out to be an acoustic tile. I asked if I could take one home, Freddy looked at me like I was crazy (but she really knows that I am anyway) and said of course I could take as many as I wanted.

The next day was Freddy's birthday so I turned that tile into a frame full of little bits'n'pieces. It was great fun finding little things to put in it.
A couple of close-ups.

I was a bit worried that Freddy would look at it and just see an acoustic tile but she almost cried when she saw it! We both have dollhouses and tiny things are very important to us!

I didn't actually have to buy anything to put in it I had all that stuff! I just love it when I use up stuff I already have, it means I can justify buying more. I was going to put little furniture in it but the spaces are only 3.5 cms square (that's not quite 1 and a half inches) and a lot of the tiniest furniture just wouldn't fit. But I'll find a way. Next I have to make one for Liberty and maybe all her cousins will be getting them for Christmas...and maybe mum would like one...


  1. They are very light, they weigh hardly could send them to all your rellies in the US!


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