Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today I had some fun ‘playing’ with my new toys from Sylvia. I’ll be moving them all around the dollhouse but here’s where they ended up today.

The dollhouse is still ‘under renovation’. The floors still need to be refinished, the stairs need to be fitted, the skirting boards need staining and most of all it needs electricity. Blah, it gets me down just seeing that list. Anyway on to prettier things. This is the master bedroom. The bed came with the house. I’ve made all the bedding on it. There is also a dressing table that matches the bed but Liberty had a little accident with it and now it’s waiting (along with several other things) to have it’s leg repaired.
Sylvia’s pretties are dotted all around the room. They’ve made the little house into more of a home I believe!
I made the bedside cabinet at the miniatures club a while ago. I never could get the door to work on it and I haven’t stained it or put a handle on the drawer yet…no excuses, I’m just lazy! This little chair came with the house. I’m trying to keep as much of the old furniture in it as I can because the fact that the house had history was part of what drew me to it. Frederica knitted the scarf. The little purse is two (very inexpensive) metal charms stuck together and painted. The sleepy puppy I got the other day, I’m not a ‘dog person’ (sorry Sylvia! LOL!!) but it’s pretty cute and Liberty IS a dog person so it can stay! This wardrobe I finished yesterday. I am very proud of it! Let’s just say it’s a miracle it’s standing (almost) straight because I discovered the measurements on the ruler I was using were not accurate. I used the table saw at the club to cut the wood and when I came to put it together at home I had to cut extra bits (with a craft knife) to add here and there, so it’s a bit of a patchwork but it turned out better than I hoped! i also made the little butlers tray in the corner, it's pretty wobbly!
And the most amazing thing about the wardrobe is TA DA! The door opens!!! Oh and I know it needs a handle, I just haven't decided what to use yet.The curtains haven't been hung properly yet, I just threw them up for the photos. The wallpaper is 'real life 1:1' wallpaper in a tiny print. There's a lady at our club who finds wallpaper with the tiniest prints wherever she goes it seems. She sells it to us by the metre very cheaply. All the wallpaper I've used in the house is 'real life'!
This pic is to show you the ceiling which I've also wallpapered. I'm lucky enough to have a wallpaper sample book and have papered all the ceilings with the same paper in different colours, I think it kind of looks like a ceiling in an old house.

Well this turning into quite a long post so I’ll show you the rest of Sylvia’s brocantje in my little kitchen next time.


  1. Wow, I love it all and your pictures qare great. I felt like I was right in the room.
    :o) Sue

  2. It looks so lovely, beautiful!!!
    The wardrobe is also perfect, I love the blue and the curtains.
    Its al so nice.
    Love Sylvia

  3. The wardrobe looks really lovely.
    Would you like to be able to make your own furniture in real life to?
    I would. Your dolls house looks very comfy!
    I am working in my big house now.
    The workroom is fully insulated and covered with wood inside.
    Today I can clean it and then I must decide hoe to paint it.
    Will post about everything later, X

  4. Gosh! When I saw the first photograph I thought it was a real Bedroom. Fantastic photographs.. Love it..
    Mini Hugs

  5. It looks like a real room! I love the little blue wardrobe!

  6. Oh Liberty, it is such a glorious house and yes, Sylvia's stuff looks like they belong there.. it is impossible to make it any cosier, dear :). Please post a tutorial on how to make a wardrobe with doors that open pleaseeeeee.. after your May fair :)..your furniture is so wonderful and I nearly died when I saw the "matching" handbag .. haha!

  7. What a beautiful dollhouse! The bedroom looks so comfortable. I would happily sleep there if I was a mini person!

    The wardrobe looks great. You did a fantastic job on it. I love the bed. It really is the focal point of the room.

    The ceiling looks wonderful too. Much better than a plain while ceiling. :-)

  8. Your bedroom is so beautiful and cosy. I love it! I especially love that little dog as I am a dog (and cat) person.

  9. Mercedes, it is so beautiful!! Everything goes together so perfectly and it looks so cosy and perfectly to scale. Love it.

  10. Thank you all for your lovely comments, they are very encouraging! I can't believe so many people thought it was a real room, that is very flattering!
    San, I'll send you a little handbag, very easy to make and post! And if anyone else would like one just let me know! Gosh, you want me to do a tutorial about making a cupboard. I'll try but believe me I'm no master craftsman, especially compared to all the other people commenting here!
    Thank you all so much!

  11. Mercedes, this bedroom is so lovely and cozy, love the colors and the little details everywere.
    Your wardrobe is great!
    The bedding so romantical........
    I could live here, or sleep!
    * marlies

  12. It is beautiful Mercedes, and yes it does look like a real room. Always the best test :-)

  13. Mercedes there is an award over on my blog for you..

  14. Lovely things you have here! I really like the fabric with the wardrobe. Your house is just beautiful.

  15. Oh, what a beautiful bedroom this is! I really love it :D I will come back here but now I have to go to work ;)
    I do have two dollhouses which I made to my glass cabinets.

  16. Beautiful! This is my favoruite blog! I just love all of your things!

    I've left you an award on my blog!


  17. Thank you for visiting our dollhouse club blog! We are 6 woman in Lappland (almost anyway..) with the same interest in dollhouses. We does do miniature works together. It´s fantastic :D And also this how we can meet people around the world and see their works too. Greetings from The North part of Earth

  18. Mercedes, your blog is a delight and the bedroom is so real!!! it's a dream to be able to be there.
    Congratulations for your works!!
    Kind regards,

  19. I am just drooling over the way your little bedroom is done up. I think I should give mine the once-over and post it. I think we have almost the same chair but mine has different upholstery. Just another funny similarity between us!

  20. You did a wonderful job of the wardrobe, so nice. The entire room is great! Oh my goodness, I thought it was real until I just reread your description, amazing!!


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