Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another year older...

Today is my birthday!
This is my favourite photo from Christmas Day, today the weather has not been so nice.
The plan was to party at the beach but that has been put off until tomorrow.
I've had a lovely day, in spite of the rain and howling wind, and received some spectacular gifts!

This beautiful notice board was made by Sabiha.
It's real life size in case you're wondering!

This fabulous cushion cover came from Sylvia.

Liberty is enjoying the cushion too!

And from hubby...a funny little table.
I know you're wondering what sort of husband gives his wife a table like that?!
Well...he found it on the side of the road the week before Christmas, lol!
He tried very hard to restore it before Christmas but didn't quite make it...
so, as times are tough, it became my birthday/Christmas gift.

I think you'll agree he did an awesome restoration job!
The table is an odd height - too high for a coffee table and too low for a hall table.
It has a drawer in each end.
The plan is to find some castors to give it a little more height.
We did see some castors today but they were $23 each, I just laughed as I left the shop!

I LOVE the way the tabletop has turned out!

The giant candlestick and little tin candlehouse were from Sylvia and the perfect bird candle came from my friend Freddy.

Beautiful glass cake stand came from my brothers wife and she made the most delicious hazelnut meringues.
I ate far more of those than I should have!

From one of hubby's sisters - some gorgeous coasters.
For Christmas hubby took Liberty to my favourite shop - Bed, Bath and Table - and let her choose a present for me. I drag Liberty into that shop far more often than she likes. 
After considering everything in the shop Liberty carefully selected this tin sign.
She told her daddy she just knew I would LOVE it!
And I do love it, but even more so because it was specially chosen by her!

Thank you for all the birthday messages I have received, you've all made my day wonderful!

Now, I think I hear the last of those meringues calling me...



  1. Muchas felicidades¡¡¡¡Deseo que pases un buen dia.Feliz año nuevo.Besos

  2. Happy Birthday to you Mercedes and I wish you a nice day tomorrow at the beach :)
    You've got some wonderful presents, I love them!:)

    Warmest wishes, Jollie

  3. Feliz cumpleaños Mercedes!!!!
    Tus regalos son maravillosos y la foto con niña encantadora.
    Te deseo un gran día, que seguro tendrás y un año lleno de felicidades.
    Muchos besos.

  4. Perdón, quise decir un año lleno de felicidad, se me mezcló con el cumpleaños jajaja.
    Nuevamente un beso.

  5. (Sorry I posted a double post, but deleted it afterwards) ;)

    Warmest wishes Jollie

  6. Congratulations Mercedes. I hope you will have nice weather to go to the beach tomorrow!

  7. Congratulations Mercedes! You received the most wonderful presents....I love the table!!

  8. Happy Birthday Mercedes!!^_^

  9. Happy Birthday Merecedes. Your presents are just divine!

  10. A Very Happy Birthday Mercedes. Love all the Presents you received and the little Table is fabulous. Have fun at the Beach tomorrow..xxx

  11. Happy birthday Mercedes ! Love the table and other little gifts too.
    :o) Sue

  12. Happy Birthday yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D Linda x

  13. Lovely birthday gifts Mercedes, Many Happy Returns. Liberty looks so cute lounging on your new cushion. Happy New Year to you all too.

  14. Happy Birthday!! looks like a great one :)

    Happy Holidays to you guys!!

  15. Hi dear, my card was WAY too soo. But was so sure that your birthday was on the same day my niece's is that I didn't check.
    Then, again, happy birthday!Rosanna

  16. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!, you've got a lot of presents!!!!!, enjoy them!!

  17. Mercedes! Happy Birthday!!! Love all of the gifts that you received! They are wonderful! Hope you have a wonderful day and a fabulous New Year!

    It is one of my sister's Birthday today too!! :)

  18. Happy Birthday Mercedes! You got some lovely gifts.

  19. Happy Birthday to you, Mercedes :-)

  20. JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE chère Mercedes!!!!

    I love the little table and thumbs up to your hubby for the great job!
    I loooooooove the photo of Liberty on the cushion. he!he! she's such a sweet little thing! and the one of the two of you is gorgeous.

    Hope you have a wonderful time on your birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A bientôt!

  21. Happy Birthday Mercedes!!!! I hope your weather for the beach is perfect- and what wonderful gifts!! I love the top of the table too- I think it is a perfect gift :)

  22. Happy Birthday my dear Friend!!!

    I wish you a wonderful day with loads of pressents!


  23. Happy Birthday Mercedes, and Happy New Year.

  24. Happy Birthday Mercedes! And what lovely and personal gifts you received! Just perfect :)

  25. Bon Anniversaire Mercedes,

    I hope you will enjoy your day on the beach as planned. Yours presents are beautiful!

    And like one of my clolleagues (a man
    ) told me some days ago : until you are keeping a child mood in your heart and mind you are still young! LOL.

    Big hug, Claude

  26. Happy Birthday to you, Mercedes!
    You got a lot of nice presents, lucky you!
    Hug Lena!

  27. Happy birthday Mercedes!!!

    Liberty is growing so fast! It just amazes me. :-) She is going to be looking you in the eye before long. LOL

  28. Dear Mercedes, from Spain, Happy Birthday to you.
    Best regards!

  29. Happy Birthday! best wishes

  30. Happy Birthday and all the best wishes for 2011!!

  31. Happy Birthday Mercedes!!!
    With my best wishes for today and always!!!
    Liberty is so pretty!!
    Warm regards,

  32. Happy Birthday to you. You have really received some lovely presents. The pictures show sun and warm weather here in Denmark we have got about 60 cm of snow and it is freezing to about -10 degree. What a different from one end of the world to another.

  33. Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts and the picture! What I love about them and about how you decorate with them is that you can tell it's all done with love and care. :)

  34. Happy Birthday and may there be many happy returns of the day! Lovely gifts from your precious family.

  35. Happy Brithday Mercedes,so beautiful gifts.I hope enjoyed your day,miniregards.

  36. Happy Birthday to you happy birthday to yop Happy birthday Mercedes!!!

    In spanish : Cumpleaño feliz cumpleaños feliz te deseamos todos, cumpleaños feliz!!!

    A big hug!!!

    Wonderfull gifts!!

  37. I Think, I'm to late, but Happy Birthday Mercedes, hope the weather be great to party at the beach. Love the gifts you've got, specially the little table. Many mini hugs * marlies

  38. Felicidades!!!!. Los regalos que ha recibido son preciosos, que los disfrute con mucha salud. El trabajo que ha hecho su marido con la mesa es inmejorable. Un saludo, Eva

  39. Happy Birthday Mercedes.Beautiful birthday gifts. Hope you manage to get your day on the beach tomorrow. Jain x

  40. Happy Birthday, Mercedes! Your gifts are wonderful! Enjoy the beach. =)

  41. Happy Birthday. Thank you for having and sharing a wonderful website. I love everything you received, especially your lovely sign fr your daughter and table find fr husband. Have a great day and don't forget a diet coke cancels out a piece of cake. Kathy C from ILLinois, USA

  42. Happy Birthday Merceded..lovely presents from your family...yummy meringues

  43. Happy happy birthday dear Mercedes!! Your gifts are all so wonderful, and so "you". I love your new little table~ it really turned out great! I love it when I see old things transformed and repurposed. Your husband is so great!

  44. I am sorry I am a day late! But nonetheless, happy birthday. I swear Mercedes, that not only do not age, you look younger!!!

  45. Belated Happy Birthday - you seem to have had a great time and got some gorgeous gifts! Enjoy. Best wishes from Ireland, Carol :)

  46. Happy Birthday my lovely friend. Glad your day was so wonderful. You deserve it Love the coasters so much. The table is so wonderful and liberty looks so happy on the sofa. Big hugs~ Kim

  47. Happy Birthday, I think Liberty did a fine job picking out a gift for you. The tin sign is very pretty.

  48. Belated birthday wishes to you and loving the pics of your gorgeous pressies!!

    The table from your hubby turned out a treat..love it!

    Been a wee while since i was in blogland and i love stopping by here always blown away with what you have created,loved catching up.

    Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true.

  49. Hey Mercedes,

    Many wishes for a Happy New Year from me....


  50. Bon anniversaire et très bonne année 2011! Meilleurs voeux!

  51. El mejor regalo es esa maravillosa hija, no me extraña que sea tu foto favorita.
    Feliz cumpleaños y FELIZ AÑO NUEVO

  52. Olá, Toc Toc, posso entrar? vim parar aqui através da Kinha....achei tudo lindo demais, e muito inspirador para uma casa de verdade não é?

    Quero ficar, ja achei um cantinho para me espalhar alí nos seguidores, podsso ficar?

    Quando tiver um tempinho tiespero la no bloguito para um café tá?


    Joana Campos

  53. Happy Belated Birthday, Mercedes! What lovely treasures you received this year. Happy New Year to you and yours as well! :)

  54. Happy Birthday, Mercedes!!! And Happy New Year!!! Congratulations.Olga.

  55. Happy Belated Birthday Mercedes. I love the table.


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