Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sending you Sunshine!

As so many of you commented on the sunshine in my garden when I posted pics of the shabby house roof I thought I'd share a few sunny pictures with you. (By the way, I'm very happy you like my little roof so much, thank you!)

On Wednesday it was so hot we headed to the beach at 6pm with our dinner - sausages, bread and tomato sauce, lol!

Sometimes the kids do help each other out! This pic was taken about 7:15pm, still hot and sunny.

This was in January on our way to another beach around a winding walkway. I love the pic of Liberty walking off with her daddy.

Here's the beach the walkway took us to. Why do kids love seaweed so much?
Hope you're feeling warmer!


  1. O yes.... summer does exist.... ahhh thank you dear Mercedes, sweet Liberty and the beauty of New Zealand!!!

  2. I don't mind the snow and the cold but I must say these photos look soooo good! What fun Liberty is having! And dining 'al fresco' is always wonderful.
    Thanks for the photos, I feel mutch warmer now ;)

  3. ohhhh- pictures to warm me to the bone! This morning it was -4 farenheit and I am soooo done with it already. At least I can come back and see Liberty playing in the water to feel better :) Have a lovely weekend Mercedes♥ Thanks for the sunshine :)

  4. Oh my God...YEEES we want a bit of sun here!!!!

  5. gorgeous photos, I really miss living in Auckland, thinking about heading back once I finish my nursing degree... although Tauranga is rather beautiful too :)

  6. I feel much better now, it feels like the sunshine was comming in the room ( for a moment)
    Lovely pictures and a nice weekend.
    Love Sylvia

  7. Oh much better now... how I miss the summer and the beach!!! has been a very cold winter day.
    Thanks Mercedes for the warm pictures ;)
    I love your roof too!

  8. That sunshine looks wonderful....wishing I was back in Christchurch right about now :)

  9. Thank you for reminding me that
    there is a summer after all! It has been a cold winter in
    Sweden and it´s not over yet.The
    nice pictures of your family in
    the warm sun shows that there´s hope, and I feel much warmer too.

    Eva J

  10. Please send some of that lovely warm sunshine over here..
    Liberty looks like she's having a great time.x

  11. Sunny skies, sand, WARM air?!!!!
    It's snowing here right now! Wish I was there!!!!!

  12. Wish I could be there,how I miss the summer .Love especially the photo of Liberty with her seaweed!Thank you for sharing these nice pictures with us.Jeannette

  13. With all of the snow we have on the ground here, it's lovely to see the beach and sun! :)

    Thanks for sharing that. :)

  14. OH Mercedes,,, your warm sunny photos brought some warmth to me.... we are getting Snow again... so looking at your gorgeous photos helped.... thank you...

    Happy Valentine's Day


  15. Mercedes, with the cold weather we are having right now here in Spain. Not to much where I live, in Andalucia, South of Spain... It's a gift to see Liberty having fun in the beach!!!!
    We have to wait a couple of months to have a swim!!!
    Lovely pictures and thanks for showing them.

  16. Lovely photos Mercedes :) I flew over you on my way back to Sydney today...

  17. Oh, you've made it worse for me I'm afraid!! I'm now totally homesick for that carefree lifestyle sunny countries like South Africa and NZ offer! Many things would be easier if I went back to SA, but I'm afraid England owns my heart and soul now, miserable, cold, freezing weather and all! It's lovely to see your fantastic sunshine pictures, and I know you had some days where you'd have swapped for snow in a flash ;-)

  18. It is so hot here I am looking forward to a bit of wintry chills (I may regret saying this pretty soon :).)

    It's amazing that at 7.15pm, the sky is still so clear and bright. These are lovely sunshine pics, Merce :).

  19. Thank you so much for these photos. I feel warmer... It makes me dream, I would like to be able to go to the beach and have a good swim. Nevertheless in a few months the weather will change, it will be spring and then summer, I shouldn't forget it. Mind you in Orléans we don't have the sea ...


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