Monday, May 3, 2010

The tale of a little package that got here in the end!

Some time ago Marlies offered to make me some little pitchers for the dollhouse. At the same time she did a tutorial so we could all have fun making pitchers. Marlies said she would also send me some pitchers.

About a month after she mailed them Marlies told me she found out from the lady at the Post Office that the package had been sent by sea. Every now and then I wondered about the package and after a few months gave up all hope of ever seeing it. So imagine my surprise when this squashed little package arrived in my mailbox on Friday!

Look closely at the date stamp on the package.
YES, you read that correctly it says 14-03-09. It was mailed over 1 year and 1 month ago! It took 413 days to get from the Netherlands to New Zealand!!!!
Ususally a package would be here within two weeks or if it came by sea three months.

Inside the squashed package was this squashed plastic box.

Inside the squashed plastic box was another squashed plastic box.

And inside that box were these poor little flattened pitchers and tin.

But to my complete surprise when I took the lid off the squashed 'tin' I found these two tiny, little mugs (also made from cardboard) in perfect condition!

I opened my surgeons bag and set to work reviving everything as best as I could.

And here is the result...they still have a few battle scars but that's all part of their history!

Here are the pitchers in the country bedroom, they look totally at home there, like they were made just for that room.
It's a pity they can't tell us about their adventure. The address label was in perfect condition so it's a complete mystery where they've been all this time.
I'm just so happy that they made it here in the end!
Thank you Marlies!!


  1. Wow! How exciting that you finally received the package. You did a beautiful job of restoring them, Mercedes, and they do look lovely in the bedroom. :-)

  2. Mercedes, I wonder where in the world this little package was sitting for the last year? I always wonder who ends up with the things that don't arrive!! You have done a fabulous job on restoring them and I LOVE your country bedroom!!!!


  3. What a story, I am glad for you and for Marlies the package eventually arrived at your place. The pitchers are beautiful!

  4. Aye, Mercedes..what a miracle worker you are! I would have never those items could be saved but look at what you did. I also have to say that Marlie's initial handicraft may have had something to do with the outcome...since I have no doubt they were well made to begin with. In any event, they look great in your room.


  5. I love the little jugs, fantastic pattern on them! They look as good as new now you have restored them. I wonder where they were all this time? I am awaiting a parcel from the USA, it's overdue and I think it's got held up by that volcano ash cloud from Iceland when there were no flights in or out of the UK.. I hope it eventually arrives AND much quicker than yours ! :o))

    I LOVE your shabby chic's wonderful and I love the how all the colours and patterns harmonise together too.

    Michelle xx

  6. have been perfect, barely noticeable

  7. Wow that's reaaaally destiny, the packet had to arrive and did arrive no matter how long it took. I'm so impressed with your restoration. They all look as if they had arrived in perfect condition. Wonderful job both Marlies and you've done.



  8. Wow....what a journey!!! But I would have thought if 7 Euro was paid for postage you would expect that it go by air!!
    I have have a parcle or two go missing so it gives me hope!
    Love the little jugs, the cups are devine and the restoration a miracle!!
    Linda x

  9. That is incredible, to take so long. Must have gone around the world a few times, hidden in a corner? You did a fantastic reno job, Marlies will be pleased and they do look wonderful in your room.

  10. Guau!!!, que aventura podrían contar esas jarritas de Marlies. Suerte que las has podido recuperar. Quedan perfectas en esa preciosa habitación.

  11. What a special story to go with your dollhouse! If only pitchers could speak. They're really beautiful and I'm so glad for Marlies that they eventually arrived. It's always scary posting treasures and not knowing if they'll arrive.


  12. Thank you for sharing that story. When I saw the photo of the little squashed jugs I was so sad - they were so pretty....I am so pleased you could wave your magic wand and make them so pretty again. They are so lovely and what a lovely gift!!

  13. What an amazing journey! Thank goodness you were able to bring those pieces back to life. I guess it is really true that 'all good things come to those who wait!'


  14. It's so great that the package finally arrived! I wonder what happened to it. It looks like it was stepped on by an elephant.

    I'm happy to see your blog! I finished my first doll house (called the Peaches n Cream) that I had in storage from the time I was a child and my daughter loves it. My mother-in-law recently gave me an Annabelle (now Pierce) dollhouse that she bought at a garage sale and I'm nervous about starting such a detailed project! I'll be back often for tips and inspiration. :)

  15. Those are wonderful! I especially love the tiny little mugs-- so sweet. Where do you find those perfect scale printed papers? Do you scan & shrink them? They're wonderful!

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  17. Vaya!! unas miniaturas con historia, es especial y con encanto. Me alegra que al final llegaran a buen puerto.


  18. Oh, they're darling! There's hope for my parcel arriving then!

  19. that is so sad , yet sooo happy all at once. You did a great job reviving them! they are just delightful!


  20. Awwww. Poor little pitchers :-( Glad they finally made it.

  21. The poor little pitchers now look great in your house. Love the tiny flowers.
    It is amazing that the parcel has been more than one year "running"!!
    Nice story with a good end.
    Un beso

  22. What a story! I was making sounds like 'Oh my goodness...'Oh no....'Awww...'
    You did a great job with your surgeons bag, they are beautiful! The jugs look great in the bedroom.
    I bet Marlies was pleased to hear the package made it in the end....

  23. You are a great ,'doctor', Mercedes. The pitchers look now perfect, but I wouldn't be liked to be into the box!!

  24. Then there is a hope for some parcels of mine too ! Incredible story ! they would have been quicker if they came with Cpt Cook himself. You have done a great job with your surgeon tools.Minihugs Rosanna

  25. That's an amazing story, luckily with a happy end :) I think that you've done a great job in restoring those beautiful jugs; and the scars will just add up to the charm of the jugs!

  26. Es wäre wirklich schade gewesen, wenn die kleinen Sachen nicht restauriert worden wären. Sie sind so hübsch und haben einen so weiten Weg hinter sich.

    Hast Du wirklich wieder toll hinbekommen.

    Liebe Grüße PuNo/Monika

  27. What a story. You sometimes have surprises with the post...
    Everything is beautiful and so perfect for you house, I like the colours.

  28. Oh thats so sad but what a fab job you made mending them, they look perfect now and as you say are supposed to be aged looking anyway so the little dents are adding to the effect! The last pic looks like a real size room not a dollshouse! Love them, what a kind gift .Kate xxx

  29. I am sure that in this restoration to position all his determination, tiny tell the history!

  30. Mercedes are you sure your not a Witch and waved your wand to fix those Jugs. They look as good as new. They look lovely on that chest of drawers and really match in with the room.
    It amazes me where these parcels go, the one I had from Sans was months late and completely flattened.

  31. What incredible adventure! Luckily you managed to restore everything. But where will the package was last year? Have traveled the world twice!
    I send something and my heart is full of more concern Than usual, after your story.
    Kisses, Flora
    P.S. The view of the bedroom is a fable :-)

  32. Awesome! And you have a romantic story to go with it!

  33. What an amazing tale! I loved your series of squashed pictures, and what a joy to see two perfect little mugs! Your restoration is amazing, clever you!

  34. What a story and how beautiful those items are!!!
    God thing you were able to fix them!!!
    I love the room and the curtains :D
    Synnøve :)

  35. These little jugs could have been made for that room - they look so good and none the worse for their adventures.

  36. Wow your sweet beautiful little pitcher's sure did have an adventure... I am glad that they found their way home to you... and you did a great job on bringing them back to life... they look so lovely in the room.. have a great week.


  37. How adorable--made for your country bedroom!

    I can't wait to see the rest of the house--you are teasing us with just these little glimpses.


  38. Delightful story :)

  39. Mercedes,
    I nice story but what a long trip my goodness!!!
    Your work to recover them is extraordinary!!! Love how they look in the bedroom!!
    You are indeed so talented!!!
    Warm regards,

  40. mercedes,

    i completely adore everything about this post. it's like a novel, filled with anticipation, a sea voyage, friendship, and then these amazing little creations.

    i'm dazzled. and i still want to stay in this little house. please get working on that reducto machine! (LOL)


  41. De verdad que tienen historia O =
    Y tanto tiempo de verdad que tenian que estar en tú casita ¡estan muy lindos! Y los dejaste muy bien restaurados.

  42. I am playing catch up with your posts, dearie! What an incredible story :):) I love it and I love what you have done with them. History indeed! And the gifts from Sylvia, especially the crown, are gorgeous as usual!

  43. Incredible Mercedes, long travel for a small box, one year and and two month aprox. All is very beautiful and you are great surgeons. Best wishes

  44. Hi Mercedes,
    You did a great job on them, they look very happy now!!;D
    I realy think our postman went by foot to New Zealand! haha!
    Hope to back in blogland very soon,
    * marlies

  45. Interesting story. You are nicely restored objects. The bedruum is really beautiful.

  46. Oh, my goodness! What a story!

    You did a good job poufing them back up. :)

  47. Amazing story ! It's a very very long trip for this little creations !


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